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Exercise 4 : Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

1. I think you should _____  jogging because it is very useful for your health.

          A. take                    B. to take                C. take up               D. take in

2. My aunt often ________ money to charitable organizations to help street children and the homeless.

          A. makes                B. does                   C. donates               D. send

3. Brian_______ many community services when he was a student.

A. has done             B.did                       C.does                     D. was doing

4. Green School _______ vegetables for an orphanage last spring.

A. planted               B. plant                   C. grow                   D. is planting

5. - What did you do last weekend?

- I __________ to the SOS Children’s Village to tutor the children there.

A. going                  B. go                       C. went                   D. goes

6. We can make postcards and sell them to ______  money to help the homeless.

          A. rise                     B. raise                   C. get                      D. own

7. We can get many _______ from volunteer work.

          A. benefit                B. benefits              C. advantage           D. good luck

8. Children _______ plastic bottles for recycling a month ago.

A. collected             B. collect                 C. collecting             D. was collected

9. We_______ English to children in a primary school last summer.

A. teaching              B. taught                 C. teach                   D. to teach

10. Our school club ________ gloves for old people in nursing homes last winter.

A. made                  B. making               C. make                  D. is making

11. About one-fifth of the American population ______  volunteer work each year.

          A. do                       B. does                    C. make                  D. makes

12. We________ bottles to help the  environment last month.

          A. reusing              B. reuse                  C. reused              D. to reuse

13. To help people with transportation, we can ______  rides to the elderly.

          A. ask                     B. give                    C. donate                D. help

14. We should help people _______ , especially the homeless, the elderly and street children .

          A. needed               B. need                   C. at need                D. in need

15. Doing volunteer work can ______  you feel more confident.

          A. do                       B. make                  C. bring                  D. force

16. We ______ very busy last week.

          A. was                    B. am                      C. were                   D. will be

17. When my family went on holiday , we________ a lot of photos

A. took                    B. saw                     C. buy                     D. do

18. In 2012, they ______ their project for street children.

          A. started                B. are starting          C. starts                  D. have started

19.Yesterday we___ to an interesting lecture about coloured vegetables in our cooking classes. 

A. read                    B. study                   C. listened               D. studied

20. Last week, Our friends also ________ other activities like clean-up or gardening  

A. joining                B. take                    C. join                     D. joined

Không Tan Tuyết
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1.c 2.c 3.b 4.a 5.c 6.b 7.b 8.a

9.b 10.a 11.b 12.b 13.b 14.d 15.b 16.c 17.a 18.a 19.c 20.d

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^JKIES Nguyễn^
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ÁP dụng Pytago

=> \(Mn^2+MP^2=NP^2=>MP=\sqrt{5^2-3^2}=4\left(cm\right)\)


\(cosP=\dfrac{MP}{NP}=\dfrac{5}{4}\\ tanP=\dfrac{MN}{MP}=\dfrac{3}{4}\\ cotP=\dfrac{MP}{MN}=\dfrac{4}{3}\)

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minh nguyet
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Gợi ý các ý để em viết nhé:

Mở đoạn: Nêu lên vấn đề cần bàn luận (Ví dụ: Mỗi con người chúng ta nên trung thực và tự giác, không nên nói dối để trở thành thói quen xấu...)

Bàn luận: 

Nêu khái niệm tự giác, trung thực là gì?

Vai trò của tự giác, trung thực:

+ Giúp ta biết tránh xa việc che giấu điều xấu, tự biết nhận sai

+ Mọi người tin tưởng

+ Dễ dàng đến với thành công


Dẫn chứng:

Tự giác trong học tập, trung thực trong giờ kiểm tra.

Mở rộng vấn đề:

Trái ngược với tự giác, trung thực?

Bản thân em đã làm gì để thể hiện sự tự giác, trung thực?

Kết đoạn.

Nêu cảm nghĩ của em về vai trò của tự giác, trung thực.


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