You're too young. This film is.............

inappropriate........... for children your age.



.............Scientists............ now think that we may have viruses in our bodies already.

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 These high-heeled shoes are............suitable............. for such rough terrain.



 Colds are caused by viruses, so in the..............absence............ of a virus, you can't catch a cold.

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 These high-heeled shoes are........unsuitable................. for such rough terrain.



 Colds are caused by viruses, so in the........absence.................. of a virus, you can't catch a cold.

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Bài 2

1 to - by - on

2 for

3 in - in

4 up

5 over

6 of

7 about

8 in

9 at

10 for - in

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Bài 3 

1 colorful

2 attractions

3 traditional

4 inventions

5 inventor - invention

6 Tourism - development

7 hospitality

8 regularly

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Bài 4 

1 ended

2 did - leave , left

3 won

4 wrote

Bài 5

1 What are there in the ocean?

2 How far is it from the Laos' border to Dien Bien Phu?

3 When and where was Hans Christian Andersen born?

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1 I've never known a more warm-hearted person than my mother

2 The older I get, the less I want to travel

3 geogre was impossible to be found everywhere

4 Getting into work this morning was a bit difficult

Cái này thì e phải xem cấu trúc viết câu chứ k có gì để giải thích nha

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Minh Nguyệt
32 phút trước

1, London is a expensive city.

⇒ London is an expensive city.

2, He is a most intelligent student in our class.

⇒ He is the most intelligent student in our class. =

3, The party was such boring that I decided to leave early.

⇒The party was so boring that I decided to leave early.

4, My father's office are on the second floor.

⇒ My father's office is on the second floor.

5, Peter earned many money last year.

⇒Peter earned much money last year.

6, Your new car is more cheaper than John's.

⇒Your new car is cheaper than John's.

7, Why does Suzie and Guy fell tired?

⇒ Why do Suzie and Guy fell tired?

8, He left college when he is 17.

⇒He left college when he was 17.

9, How long does it take you getting to school?

⇒How long does it take you to get to school?

10, Craig starts work at eight o'clock yesterday.

⇒Craig starts working at eight o'clock yesterday.


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Minh Nguyệt
27 phút trước

11.We will be replacing coal and natural gas for heating by solar energy at the end of next year 

=> will be replacing ->  will replace

12.At this time in next two months.We are going to have a free solar shower 

=> are going to have -> will be having

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1. an (orphan) ___orphanage___ is a home for children whose parents are dead.

2. L.A Hill is a (humor) __humourous___ writer.

3. I love the (peaceful) ___peace___ of summer evenings in the countryside.

4. Brian is very (social) __sociable___ and generous.

5. the N12 hurricane in Central Vietnam caused the (break) ___breakability__ of epidemics.

6. many people are made (penny) _penniless____ after the mishap of the typhone.

7. the (chaos) __chaotic___ crowds of flood-stricken victims are striving for survival.

8. his bad behaviors are said to be resulted from his childhood's (bring) ____.

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