Trọng Nghĩa Nguyễn
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Yến Xuân Trần
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4 tháng 2 lúc 8:48

I don't want to be an astronaut, because it's very dangerous.


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4 tháng 2 lúc 15:45

I don't like to be an astronaut. Because I think very dangerous and I like musician

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꧁༺Lê Thanh Huyền༻꧂
5 tháng 2 lúc 21:11

I don't like to be an astronaut. Because I think it very dangerous.

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trâm nguyễn
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Anh Thư Bùi
2 tháng 2 lúc 21:12


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꧁༺Lê Thanh Huyền༻꧂
2 tháng 2 lúc 21:13


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2 tháng 2 lúc 21:15

It's Alphabet

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Thanh Nguyen
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Shi Đầu Moi
1 tháng 2 lúc 12:05

Tham khảo 

Khoanh tròn từ có cách phát âm khác.

1 - A; 2 - D; 3 - C; 4 - D; 5 - B;

Khoanh tròn từ khác loại

1 - picnic; 2 - travel; 3 - warmer; 4 - festival; 5 - song;

Gạch chân từ đúng.

1 - by .. with; 2 - is often; 3 - draw; 4 - swimming; 5 - was;

Chọn đáp án đúng

1 - a; 2 - b; 3 - b; 4 - b; 5 - a;

Đặt câu hỏi cho những câu trả lời dưới đây.

1. What's the matter with your mother?

2. Are you going to Ho Chi Minh city by plane?

3. Did she play football?

4. Where were your friends?

5. How far is it from your house to Thang Long Primary school?

Sắp xếp những từ đã cho thành câu hoàn chỉnh.

1. What's the matter with my sister's children?

2. The weather is often warm in spring

3. Was Hoa born on January 5th in Ha noi?

4. What did Lan's mother often do in last summer?

5. Mai's friends are travelling to her house by bike.

~Good Lucky~yeu

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Nguyễn Hoàng Anh
1 tháng 2 lúc 21:01

1 - A; 2 - D; 3 - C; 4 - D; 5 - B

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Như Đào
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_Sunn So Sad_
31 tháng 1 lúc 11:51

Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others by circling A, B, C or D. (2.5 pts)

1. A. accent B. kangaroo C. damage D. pasture

2. A. improvement B. development C. comment D. equipment

3. A. pleased B. missed C. closed D. raised

4. A. transform B. information C. informative D. support

5. A. variety B. complicate C. communicate D. interactive

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Lê Trang
31 tháng 1 lúc 12:54

1)The Garden is behind linh's house

{Linh's house is in front of the garden. }

2)My class has four windows and four calling fans

{There are 4 windows and 4 calling fans in my class.}

3)My father's car is new

{My father has a new car.

4) What's your favorite subject

{What subject do you like best?}

5)I don't have a television in my room

{There isn't any television in my room.

6) No one in my class is more in telligent than Linh

{Linh is the most intelligent student in my class.}

7)My room is not as beautiful than my sister 's room

{My sister's room is more beautiful than mine.

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nguyễn khánh
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_Sunn So Sad_
30 tháng 1 lúc 20:40

by the end of the first month aboard the spaceship,the martian explorer,the crew.....will have got used to.......(get used to)living without gravity and to eating their food out of tubes.On a normal day they......will be floating.....(float) around the cabin

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Hà Linh
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Hàn Cung Nguyệt
29 tháng 1 lúc 19:20

Jack's marks are better than mine. (bad)

=> My marks are worse than Jack's.

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ndh 20?
29 tháng 1 lúc 14:58

My marks are worse than Jack's.

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꧁༺Lê Thanh Huyền༻꧂
2 tháng 2 lúc 21:15

My marks are worse than Jack's.

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Hoàng Nguyên
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Lê Trang
26 tháng 1 lúc 16:33

Mean to V: Có ý định làm gì đó

Mean V-ing: Có nghĩa là 

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Hoàng Nguyên
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Anh Thư Bùi
26 tháng 1 lúc 11:05

 1.Tom is not used to working so hard.

->Tom is in ......the habit of working less hard(tham khảo c1)


2.He left school then joined the army.

->After..........leaving school, he joined the army....................................

3.So...on.what ground are you claiming compensation?

-Ủa c3 vừa hỏi mấy bữa trước mà :)

4.The repairman is going to repair my car tomorrow.

->I am.......going to have the repairman repair my car tomorrow.........................................

5.The dog is lying on the carpet.

->On the a dog lying........

-Không chắc câu này lắm

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