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Exercise 5:  

Fill the gaps and correct form of a phrasal verb from the box to complete the sentences.  


1. Miss Diep didn’t know the correct spelling so she had to .... it in the dictionary. 

2. She’s ....  it....   and has made up her mind; she’s going to take the job in New York.  

3. Can you  ... your name, telephone number and email address   in the book, please? 

4. My hotel was amazing and it  .... all my expectations. 

5. Mark was born in the East End, but he....   in the West End. 

6. The guide ....  us ...  the historic parts of the city. 

7. He doesn’t know why she  ....his invitation to the party. 

8. Vinh is very friendly. He .....  most of my friends. 

9. We are all  ..... seeing our grandparents again. 

10. Miss Hang....   the Music....   and went to bed because it was quite late. 

Exercise 6. Rewrite each sentence so that the new sentence has a similar meaning to the original one, using the word in brackets. 

1. You should use a dictionary to check the meaning of new words. (LOOK) 


2. The doctor told my father to stop smoking. (GIVE) 


3. The cost of living has been increasing considerably in the past few weeks. (UP) 


4. Margaret Thatcher was born and spent her childhood in the town of Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. (GREW) 


5. His business is going badly – he’ll have to stop doing it soon. (CLOSE) 


6. My aunt has got two teenage children, but they don’t seem to have a good relationship with each other. (GET) 



IV. Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first.  

1. I’m really excited about the upcoming pottery workshop.  

→ I‟m looking _________________________________________________________________  

2. We invited a pop star to the chat show, but he didn't arrive. 

→ The pop star ________________________________________________________________  

3. He misbehaved in the class so the teacher asked him to go out. 

→ The teacher asked ____________________________________________________________  

4. The artisans carved figures of lions and unicorns on the top of the box.  

→ Figures ____________________________________________________________________  

5. Don't leave the computer on when you leave.  

→ Turn ______________________________________________________________________  

6. They wanted to apologize for their behavior: that‟s why they paid for dinner.  

→ They paid for dinner in order ___________________________________________________ 

 7. When I was a child, I usually went to the local park every Saturday afternoon. 

 → When I was a child, I used _____________________________________________________ 

 8. Their teacher is making them study hard.  

→ They ______________________________________________________________________ 


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1. Can you see any__differents______between two pictures?(differ)

2. -Are you and Nam in class 7A? -No, we are not__classmate_______

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tham khảo:

There are a lot of good and bad sides in the computer, in which the bad sides are more common and for long periods of time. The advantages of the pig here help learners to develop at work as well as other social activities, so that the computer tells us a lot of good and bad sides. Computer is a tool to help us. Find me things that I do not narrowly know it is also a tool to help us learn so please use the computer appropriately. Wish you all good study.

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9. do/do

10. does/work

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14 tháng 9 lúc 20:48 / do

10.does / work 

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