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III. Comment on each situation. Use the to-infinitive structure: 1. David offered his help. No one else did. -> David was the only person to offer his help. 2. Oliva’s daughter swam a length of the pool. No other girl as young as her did that. -> Oliva’s daughter was.. 3. The secretaries got a pay rise. No one else did. -> The secretaries were……………………. 4. The pilot left the aircraft. Everyone else had left before him. The pilot was……………………… 5. Mrs. Harper became Managing Director. No other woman had done that before. -> Mrs. Harper was…… 6. Daniel applied for the job. No other candidate as suitable as him applied. -> Daniel was………… 7. Janet solved the puzzle. She did it before everyone else. -> Janet was…………………………. 8. Mark wrote a letter of thanks. No one else did. V. Each of these sentences contain errors in it. Write the correct sentence 1. There were a lot of people waited in a long outside the box office. 2. This isn’t the bus on that I normally travel. 3. Baseball is the only sport which I a m interested in. 4. The reason because I didn’t know was that no one had told me. 5. I didn’t know the name of the man helped me. 6. I’ve met many people, some of them are from my country. 7. Hiroko was born in Sapporo that is a city in Japan. 8. Dr. Darnell was the only person to whom I wanted to see. 9. Rupert knows the family who’s house is for rent. 10. Students who living on campus are close to their classroom and the library. 11. Einstein who failed his university entrance exam discovered relativity. 12. The person we talked to was very friendly. 13. The bridge building only two years ago has been declared unsafe. 14. It’s the President makes the important decision. 15. I can’t find my diary, what is a real nuisance. 16. Outside the door was a pair of boots covering in mud. 17. Lake Superior, that lies on the US Canadian border, is the largest lake in North America. 18. My favorite place in the world is a small city is located on the southern coast of Brazil. 19. I would like to live in the country which there is plenty of sunshine. 20. The nice couple with who we went on holiday has just moved in next door. 0 câu trả lời
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