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43. It's very noisy, I can't_______ you.

A. listen to B. hear C. see D. look at

44. The_______ of football team usually wears a colored armband.

A. Captain B. forward C. goal keeper D. defender

45. I tried hard but I couldn't _______him.

A. take B. gain C. win D. beat

46. They will build some_______across the river.

A. bridges B. cottages C. houses D. monuments

47. You can't swim these because the banks are covered with_______

A. mud B. sand C. ships D. sheep

48. The_______of the sea makes him frightened.

A. great B. greatly C. greater D. greatness

49. That is a mini bus. It can carry only fourteen_______.

A. travelless B. passengers C. drivers D. conductors

50. Unfortunatly my car got stuck in a_______.

A. traffic-jam B. traffic- light C. traffic-sign D.traffic-police

51. What_______when I was away from home ?

A. took on B. set off C. happened D. foined

52. Television, radio, newspaper are means of_______

A. transpostation B. communication C. entertainment D. sports man ship

53. He was_______ because he had done his work well.

A. promted B. raised C. pushed up D. awarded

54. He made an interesting speech in the opening_______.

A. competition B. preparation C. solidarity D. ceremony

55. A_______is a pesson who often has a red nose and a painted face in the circus.

A. manager B. acrobat C. clown D. trapeze

56. She did all the work_______her own.

A. by B. on C. for D. with

57. _______the time you get to the theater, the play will have finished.

A. until B. in C. by D. on

58. As _______as I know, we have not received a bill for the new computer.

A. much B. long C. soon D. far

59. Her father won’t _______her drive his car

A. allow B. let C. leave D. permit

60. His father allowed his ________ the party last week

A. go B. to go C. going D. went

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