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43. It's very noisy, I can't_______ you.

A. listen to B. hear C. see D. look at

44. The_______ of football team usually wears a colored armband.

A. Captain B. forward C. goal keeper D. defender

45. I tried hard but I couldn't _______him.

A. take B. gain C. win D. beat

46. They will build some_______across the river.

A. bridges B. cottages C. houses D. monuments

47. You can't swim these because the banks are covered with_______

A. mud B. sand C. ships D. sheep

48. The_______of the sea makes him frightened.

A. great B. greatly C. greater D. greatness

49. That is a mini bus. It can carry only fourteen_______.

A. travelless B. passengers C. drivers D. conductors

50. Unfortunatly my car got stuck in a_______.

A. traffic-jam B. traffic- light C. traffic-sign D.traffic-police

51. What_______when I was away from home ?

A. took on B. set off C. happened D. foined

52. Television, radio, newspaper are means of_______

A. transpostation B. communication C. entertainment D. sports man ship

53. He was_______ because he had done his work well.

A. promted B. raised C. pushed up D. awarded

54. He made an interesting speech in the opening_______.

A. competition B. preparation C. solidarity D. ceremony

55. A_______is a pesson who often has a red nose and a painted face in the circus.

A. manager B. acrobat C. clown D. trapeze

56. She did all the work_______her own.

A. by B. on C. for D. with

57. _______the time you get to the theater, the play will have finished.

A. until B. in C. by D. on

58. As _______as I know, we have not received a bill for the new computer.

A. much B. long C. soon D. far

59. Her father won’t _______her drive his car

A. allow B. let C. leave D. permit

60. His father allowed his ________ the party last week

A. go B. to go C. going D. went

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4. He was lazy________he was dismissed. Now he’s out of work.

A. because B. since C. so D. as

5. The play was disappointing ________it was badly acted and too long.

A. so B. such C. because D. so that

6. I wish I ________ wings like birds so that I ________ fly from place to place

.A. have/ can B. had/ can C. have/ could D. had/ could

7. I wish I ________to the movies with you last night.

A. went B. go C. have gone D. had gone

8. Father is repairing the roof ________ the rain won’t come in.

A. so B. that C. so that D. because

9. The house was quiet when I ________ home. Everybody ________to bed.

A. got / had gone B. get/ had gone C. got/ when D. was getting/ went

10. When we ________to the Town Hall, people ________calmly

.A. got/ are waiting B. got/ were waiting C. got/ waited D. get/ wait

11. It’s time we ________ this old car and bought a new one.

A. sell B. sold C. have sold D. would sell

12. Excuse me, but you________ in my place.

A. sit B. sat C. were sitting D. are sitting

13. Tom was ill________ his mother sent for a doctor.

A. but B. and C. so D. for

14. We________ the exercises in our classroom when the fire alarm ________

A. are doing/ rang B. were doing/ Rang C. were doing/ ring D. were doing/ was ringing

15. She wishes she ________him the bad news yesterday.

A. didn’t tell B. doesn’t tell C. hadn’t told D. wouldn’t tell

16. It’s time you ________up smoking because you are in bath health.

A. give B. gave C. has given D. would give

17. ________hearing those air planes over your house everyday.

A. Are you use to B. Are you used forC. Are you accustom to D. Are you accustomed to

18. American women nowadays ________being independent

.A. are used to B. aren’t used to C. used to D. not use to

19. If only I ________ for that job, I might be a typist now

.A. apply B. applied C. had applied D. have applied

20. They arrive ________Tan Son Nhat Airport ________3 o’clock in the afternoon.

A. at/ at B. in / in C. in/ at D. at / in

21. To reach the village we have to cross a small bamboo ________

A. bush B. shrub C. forest D. forestry

22. There are some cottages at the________ of the mountain. It is very peaceful there.

A. leg B. feet C. shin D. foot

23. Nam, a student from Ho Chi Minh city, is ________student in the USA

.A. a change B. an exchange C. to change D. to exchange

24. He is now living with the Brown family on a ________outside Columbus, Ohio.

A. river B. farm C. field D. site

25. Mr. Brown does farming work, while Mrs. Brown works at a grocery store in a _____town.

A. near B. nearly C. nearby D, nearside

26. Everyday when Nam finishes his homework, he ________the chickens

.A. foods B. nurses C. feeds D. gets food

27. After that, he ________the chicken’s eggs

.A. picks B. takes C. has D. collects

28. On weekends, if Mr. Brown is ________, Nam and his sons help him on the farm.

A. busy B. free C. available D. occupying

29. The family usually ________ on Saturday afternoon. They don’t work.

A. be free B. not work C. relaxes D. enjoys

30.She was born________Taiwan.a

. at B. on C. in D. from

31.I don’t have a car .I wish I ________one

a. have B. didn’t have C. had D. would have

32. Many students enjoy ________videogames.

a. to watch B. watching C. watch D. to watching

33. She said she________wearing uniform.

a. like B. likes C. liked D. was liking

34. More and more people liked wearing________in the 1970s.

a. uniform B. jeans C. casual clothes D. clothes

35.She wishes she ______ around the world

.A. can travel B. could travel C. travel D. traveling

36.A new hospital_______ next year.

A. will build B. is built C. will be built D. will be build

37. We will go ________a picnic tomorrow.

A. in B. at C. on D. from

38. Nam used to ________ full time, but now he is a part time worker

.A. work B. working C. worked D. works

39.They told their parents that they _______their best to do the test

.A. try B. would try C. will try D. can try

40. Ba said he ________some good marks last semester.

A. gets B. got C.getting D. had got

41.If readers want to look for the titles of the books, they can find them in the_______

A. shelves B. sections C. card catalogue D. corners

42. This magazine is _______ once a week.

A. issue B. published C. sold D . found

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