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I/ Choose the words that have the underlined part pronounced differently from the others. 1. A sound B. cloud C. found D. favourite

2. A. tool B. noon C. door D. school

3. A. know B. show C. now D. low

4. A. crafts B. comics C. streets D. stamps

5. A. mention B. question C. action D. education

6. A. leisure B. pleasure C. ensure D. measure

7. A. minority B. ethnic C. tradition D. religion

8. A. recognised B. designed C. displayed D. entered

9. A. country B. cloud C. loudly D. mouse

10. A. camel B. cattle C. paddy D. buffalo

11. A. populated B. loaded C. harvested D. lived

12. A. normal B. visitor C. transport D. chore

13. A. nomad B. badly C. adore D. language

14. A. behaved B. bored C. hoped D. tried

15. A. looked B. cooked C. naked D. booked

II. Choose A, B, C, D for each gap in the following sentences.

1. My mother enjoys_________ traditional food for our family, especially at Tet holiday.

A. cook B. to cook C. cooking D. cooked

2. My father sometimes goes_________ in the forests. He‟d like to find some more food for our family.

A. hunt B. hunting C. to hunt D. hunted

3. Look! Some children are_________ the buffaloes.

A. picking B. herding C. driving D. playing

4. The sky is_________ here in the countryside because there are no buildings to block the view.

A. tidy B. close C. dense D. vast

5. Is living in the city_________ than living in the country?

A. more convenient B. as convenient C. most convenient D. so convenient

6. He is surprised_________ that there are 54 ethnic groups in our country.

A. to understand B. to study C. to know D. find

7. The Viet (or Kinh) have_________ number of people, account for about 86% of the population.

A. large B. the large C. larger D. the largest

8. _________ethnic group has a larger population, the Tay or the Ede?

A. What B. Which C. Why D. Who

III. Read the passages and write True for (T) of False for (F).

His early life

George Washington was born in Virginia. His family owned a big farm and had George didn‟t have much education. During his life he had three jobs: he was a farmer, a soldier, and a politician. He loved the life of a farmer. He grew tobacco and owned horses. He worked hard but he also liked dancing and going to the theatre. In 1759 he married a widow called Martha Custis. They were happy together, but didn‟t have any children.

His later life

He was Commander-in-Chief of the army and fought the British in the War of Independence. When the war ended in 1781 he was happy to go back to the farm, but his country wanted him to be President. Finally, in 1789, he became President, and gave his name to the new capital city. He started the building of the White House, but he never lived in it. By 1797 he was tired of politics. He went back to his farm and died there two years later.

1. ____________He came from a rich family.

2. ____________He loved being a politician.

3. ____________He worked hard.

4. ____________He had a lot of other interests.

5. ____________He had a good education.

6. ____________He married, but didn‟t have any children.

7. ____________He was in office for eight years.

8. ____________He was happy to live and work on the farm.

9. ____________Finally he was tired of politics and resigned.

10. ____________Americans loved him very much.

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