Anh Minh
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3. "Do these books belong to you, Bob?" Lucy said.

Lucy asked Bob if those books belonged to him

4. The tourist asked me, "Is there a post office near here?"

The tourist asked me if there was a post office near there

5. Mary said, "Are you hungry?"

Mary asked me If I was hungry 

6. "Did you send your parents my regards", she said to me.

She asked me if I had sent my parents her regards 

7. I asked the policeman "Do you know how far it is to the station?"

i asked the policeman if he knew how far it was to the station

8. "Will you come to the party with your best friend?", they said.

They asked if I would come to the party with my best friend

9. "Does your teacher often give you much homework?", they asked us.

They asked us if our teacher often gave us much homework

10. "Can you swim, Daisy?", he said.

He asked Daisy if she could swim

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Khinh Yên
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Give the correct form or tense of the verbs in brackets. 

It's difficult (make)to make her (change)change her mind.

They (live)have been living happily for over 20 years now. Since their marriage they (never have)have never had an argument.

I (talk)will talk to you about that matter as soon as the meeting (finish)finishes, OK?

Did you remember (send) sending your uncle a card when you (be) were on holiday?

My father would rather I (study)studied medicine when I finish school, but I’d prefer (become)to become a teacher.

Now I (feel)feel as if I (sit)were sitting on fire. If it (not rain)didn't rain so much, we (have)would have a better crop.

We (have)are going to have our house (repaint) repainted next month.

When I (pass) passed by her house, I saw her (water)watering the flowers.


I (meet)met Tom last Sunday when I (look) was looking for some books in the city centre.


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1 to make - change

2 have been living - have never had

3 will talk - finishes 

4 sending - were

5 studied - to become

6 feel -am sitting - didn't rain - would have

7 will have - repainted

8 passed - watering

9 met - was looking 

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A party will be held tomorrow night

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Khinh Yên
8 phút trước

A party will be held tomorrow night.

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A party will be held tomorrow nighthihi

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12 phút trước

I was given a notebook as a reward by my teacher

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Khinh Yên
12 phút trước

I was given a notebook  as a reward by my teacher

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Khinh Yên
14 phút trước

Grapes are picked and they are turned into wine 

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Grapes are picked and turned into wine 

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Khánh Đan
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Giả sử CTHH của 2 muối là ACO3.

Có: m muối tăng = 9,94 - 6,2 = 3,74 (g)

\(\Rightarrow n_{ACO_3}=\dfrac{3,74}{71-60}=0,34\left(mol\right)=n_{CO_2}\)

\(\Rightarrow V_{CO_2}=0,34.22,4=7,616\left(l\right)\)

Bạn tham khảo nhé!

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Thảo Phương
5 phút trước

Ta có công thức nhanh khi cho muối cacbonat tác dụng với HCl sau : 

m muối clorua = m muối cacbonat  + nCO2.11

=> nCO2=0,34 (mol) 

=> \(V_{CO_2}=0,34.22,4=7,616\left(l\right)\)

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Đặt CT chung của hh 2 muối cacbonat của 2 kl hóa trị II là ACO3.

PTHH: ACO3 + 2 HCl -> ACl2 + CO2 + H2O

Theo PT: M(A)+60(g)_____M(A)+71(g)

n(ACl2)=nACO3=(9,94-6,2): [(M(A)+71)-(M(A)+60)] = 0,34(mol)



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