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Read and do the tasks that follow

     Hi! My name is Andrew. I'm twenty years old. I love music. My earliest memory of music is the songs my mother used to sing to me when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I used to have music lessons at school too. My mother wanted me to take up the piano, but I didn't like it at all because I loved to play the guitar. When I was 10 I bought my first record with some birthday money. I think it was the record by the Beatles.

     As I grew older, my musical taste changed. When I was a tennager, we used to go to clubs and pop concerts to see groups playing live, mostly rock and pop. At the time I didn't like classical music at all. Later, when I went to university, I really got into classical music and started going to concerts. I was particularly keen on opera.

     Nowadays, I listen to all sorts of music, but I'm not too keen on loud rock music. On the whole I prefer classical music and opera, but I still listen to pop music in my car and play the guitar sometimes. I haven't been to any concerts for ages, but I've always got a CD on at home. Music is an important part in my life.

a. Read and decide if each statement is True (T), False (F) or Not given (NG)

1. Andrew has loved classical music since he was young.             ..............

2. After going to university, his favourite type of music changed.            ..............

3. Andrew really enjoys opera.                                                           ...............

4. Andrew's father was a rock singer.                                                    ...............

5. Andrew listens to pop music when he travels by bus.                ................

6. There is always a CD on at Andrew's home.                                      ...............

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1. F 

2. T 

3. T 

4. NG 

5. NG 

6. T 

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