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Nguyễn Quốc Đạt
5 tháng 11 2023 lúc 7:58

- castle (n): lâu đài

- cathedral (n): nhà thờ

- harbour (n): cảng

- market (n): chợ

- monument (n): đài tưởng niệm

- mosque (n): nhà thờ Hồi giáo

- museum (n): bảo tàng

- national park (n): công viên quốc gia

- old town (n): phố cổ

- opera house (n): nhà hát opera

- palace (n): cung điện

- park (n): công viên

- restaurant (n): nhà hàng

- ruins (n): tàn tích

- shopping district (n): khu mua sắm

- square (n): quảng trường

- statue (n): bức tượng

- theater (n): nhà hát

- tower (n): tòa tháp

- wildlife park (n): công viên động vật hoang dã

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Nguyễn Quốc Đạt
5 tháng 11 2023 lúc 7:59

Lời giải:

Dave: Hi, Lan. Did you have a good holiday?

Lan: Yes, it was great, thanks.

Dave: What did you get up to?

Lan: I went on a city break with my family.

Dave: Abroad?

Lan: No, we went to Da Nang.

Dave: Cool. Did you have a good time?

Lan: Yes, we visited Ba Na Hills and Hoi An Ancient Town. We bought a lot of souvenirs.

Dave: Did you go on a boat trip to Cham Island?

Lan: No, the weather was bad. How was your holiday?

Dave: Not bad. But I didn't do much. We didn’t go away. I hung out with my friends. We went to a music festival and we visited a theme park a couple of times.

Lan: Sounds fun.

Dave: Yes, it was OK. Just a shame the holidays weren’t longer!

3 more tourist and visitor attractions in the dialogue: hills, ancient town, island.

(Thêm 3 điểm thu hút khách du lịch và khách tham quan trong cuộc đối thoại: đồi, phố cổ, đảo.)

I can think of some: landmarks, lakes, walking streets.

(Tôi có thể nghĩ ra một số: cột mốc, hồ nước, phố đi bộ.)

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Nguyễn Quốc Đạt
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Hà Quang Minh
5 tháng 11 2023 lúc 11:08

- Four personality adjectives in the dialogue

(4 tính từ mô tả tính cách trong bài)

friendly (thân thiện)

punctual (đúng giờ)

confident (tự tin) 

brave (dũng cảm)


Ruby: So, this is your first school show, Mason. Are you excited about it?

Mason: Yes, I am. But I'm anxious too. There's going to be a big audience!

Ruby: Don't worry. They’re friendly!

Mason: I hope so. Where’s Alex? He isn't here yet.

Ruby: That's strange. He's usually very punctual.

Mason: Maybe he's too frightened to come.

Ruby: Alex? No, it can't be that. He's a really confident person.

Miss Hart: Hello, Mason. I had a message from Alex. He’s ill and can't perform tonight. He's very upset about it. Can you sing this song in the second half?

Mason: I know the song well, so maybe…

Miss Hart: Thanks, Mason. That's brave of you. Don't worry, you’ll be great.

Ruby: You've got your own song now. How exciting!

Mason: I know. But I'm terrified!

I know 6 more personality adjectives: sociable, timid, clever, bossy, introvert, extrovert.

(Tôi biết thêm 6 tính từ tính cách: hòa đồng, rụt rè, khéo léo, hách dịch, hướng nội, hướng ngoại.)

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Phuong Truc
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2 tháng 6 2019 lúc 10:00

Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passages. Use only ONE word for each space

Many people dream of (1)..living... in a foreign country. It can be an amazing experience (2)...for.... those who have the courage to leave their family and friends and settle down in a new place. (3)....however..., there's one potential problem you should be aware of: culture shock. Culture shock is the feeling we get from living in a place that is so different to where we grew up that we are not sure (4)...how.... to deal with it. Societies are organized in many different ways, and we can often (5)...be... taken aback by some of the things we find in foreign countries. Customs and traditions can be very different and that can sometimes make (6).it..... difficult to get on with local people and to make friends. They migt not approve of things you do or might object to things you say. You might even be banned from doing things in another country that are perfectly legal in your own. (7)...if... you were to move to a country such as Singapore, say, you might find some of the laws very (8)...quickly.. There, people can be forced to pay a large fine just for dropping litter. Eventually, (9)..though..., most people who live abroad fall in love with their adopted country and learn to accept its differences. It does take real courage to make such a big change (10)...in.. your life, but many people agree that it is worth it in the end

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Hoàng Anh Tống
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Lê Phương Mai
17 tháng 5 2022 lúc 21:35

1, more `->` most

2, started `->` start

3, buyed `->` bought

4, didn't `->` weren't

5, oldest `->` the oldest

6, as `->` than

7,bỏ more

8, telling `->` tell

9, long `->` often

10. taking `->` take

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Nguyễn Lê Việt An
17 tháng 5 2022 lúc 21:43

1. more-> most

2. started-> start

3. buyed-> bought

4. didn't-> weren't

5. oldest-> the oldest

6. as-> than

7. more-> X

8. telling-> tell

9. how long-> how often

10. taking-> take 

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jibe thinh
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Nguyễn Việt Dũng
22 tháng 11 2023 lúc 22:13

1 three things you sit on.

(Ba thứ bạn ngồi lên)

Đáp án: armchair, sofa, stool.

(ghế bành, ghế sofa, ghế đẩu.)

2 four things you can fill with water.

(Bốn thứ bạn có thể đổ đầy nước)

Đáp án: basin, bucket, sink, bathtub.

(chậu, xô, bồn rửa, bồn tắm.)

3 at least nine things powered by electricity.

(Ít nhất chín thứ chạy bằng điện)

Đáp án: chandelier, lamp, dishwasher, hairdryer, kettle, radiator, wall light, washing machine, toaster.

(đèn chùm, đèn, máy rửa chén, máy sấy tóc, ấm đun nước, bộ tản nhiệt, đèn tường, máy giặt, máy nướng bánh mì.)

4 six things you usually find only in a bedroom.

(Sáu thứ bạn thường chỉ tìm thấy trong phòng ngủ)

Đáp án: cot, duvet, mattress, pillow, wardrobe, rug.

(cũi, chăn, nệm, gối, tủ quần áo, thảm.)

5 three things that cover windows.

(Ba thứ che cửa sổ)

Đáp án: blinds, curtains, shutters.

(rèm, rèm cửa, cửa chớp.)

6 three forms of lighting.

(Ba hình thức chiếu sáng)

Đáp án: chandelier, lamp, wall light.

(đèn chùm, đèn ngủ, đèn tường)

7 two things which can make a house warmer.

(Hai thứ có thể làm cho ngôi nhà ấm hơn)

Đáp án: radiator, fireplace.

(bộ tản nhiệt, lò sưởi.)

8 three things which you use to cover the floor, or part of it.

(Ba thứ mà bạn sử dụng để trải sàn nhà, hoặc một phần của nó)

Đáp án: carpet, rug, doormat.

(thảm, tấm thảm, thảm chùi chân.)

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19 tháng 2 2017 lúc 19:26


1. A TV programme where people answer questions: quiz show.

2. The person who ask the qustions : MC.

3. The person who answers the questions : player.

4. The people who watch the programme in the studio : audience.


1. The qizmaster in Britain is Chris Tarant.

2. You have to answer 15 questions.

3. If you cam answer the forteenth question, you win 500000 pounds.

4. There are three ways you can get help. They're you can ask the quizmaster to take way two ưởng answers, you can ask the audience which answer is right, or you can telephone your friends and ask for help.

5. You can watch the quizshow in over 100 questions.

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Minh Lệ
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Nguyễn Việt Dũng
20 tháng 8 2023 lúc 21:45

Tham khảo

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Lê Quỳnh  Anh
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Dương Hoàn Anh
7 tháng 9 2019 lúc 5:32

Đáp án là B. Dựa vào đoạn cuối: Probably because life has become so complex. Today people have far more free time to use, more choices to make, and more problems to solve.

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