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Choose the word whose main stressed syllable is placed differently from that of the others in


1 điểm

A. manage

B. report

C. resort

D. undo


1 điểm

A. repeat

B. create

C. creature

D. receipt

Xóa lựa chọn


1 điểm

A. hospital

B. recommend

C. pottery

D. telephone

Choose the correct answer

Câu trả lời của bạn

1. She is the ___________ in her class.

1 điểm

A. intelligent

B. more intelligent

C. most intelligent

D. the most intelligent

Xóa lựa chọn

2. One of ___________________ things you need to do is keeping it secret.

1 điểm

A. most important

B. more important

C. the most important

D. the more important

Xóa lựa chọn

3. This is _______ expensive dictionary I have.

1 điểm

A. more

B. most

C. the more

D. the most

4. This is the______________________ book I have.

1 điểm

A. interesting

B. more interesting than

C. interestingest

D. most interesting

5. That’s one of the most __________________ aspects of her personality.

1 điểm

A. attract

B. attractive

C. attracted

D. attraction

6. Manchester is famous _________ its football teams.

1 điểm

A. for

B. in

C. about

D. of

7. France is the most _________ country to visit. It has about 76 million visitors a year

1 điểm

A. visiting

B. successful

C. populous

D. expensive

8. I really love living in Montreal _________ there are so many places to visit that are nearby

1 điểm

A. but

B. so

C. because

D. and

9. She cooks very well. She will take part in a cooking __________ next week.

1 điểm

A. contest

B. architecture

C. Success

D. continent

10. The picnic was canceled because the weather was ___________.

1 điểm

A. nice

B. awful

C. populous

D. attractive

11. Life in the countryside is much more _________ than in the city.

1 điểm

A. expensive

B. successful

C. common

D. peaceful

12. People consider The Sydney Opera House as a beautiful ................... in Australia.

1 điểm

A. landmark

B. continent

C. population

D. palace

Read the following passage and choose a suitable word to fill the blank.

10 điểm

Hình ảnh không có chú thích

a. second

b. places

c. kilometers

d. island

e. fresh

f. beautiful

g. in

h. like

i. photos

j. festival

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Shinazugawa Sanemi
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Shanks X_X
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1. In spite of being a poor student, he studied very well..

2. Despite the bad weather, she went to school on time.

3. Although they are short, they still love playing sports.

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Khinh Yên
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1. Although Tom was a poor student, he studied very well.

ð In spite of__________________ being a poor student, Tom studied very well._________________________________

2. Although the weather was bad, she went to school on time.

ð Despite ______________ the bad weather, she went to school on time.______________________________________

3. In spite of being short, they still love playing sports


ð Although _____________  they are short, they still love playing sports______________________________________


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