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Join each pair of sentences .Use thw words in brackets

13.I got very wet int he rain.I had an umbrella (even though )

14.I couldn't sleep.I was tired (despite)

15.He liked the sweater.He decided not to buy it (thought)

16.I didn't get the job.I had all the necessary qualifications (on spite of)

17.I had turn on the air conditioner.It was still hot in thw room (even though)

18.Laura wants to fly .She feels afraid(in spite of the fact that)

19.Trevor didn't notice the sign.It was right in front of him (even though)

20.I'm no better.I've taken the pillls(despite the fact)

21.Matthew doesn't kow any French.It was one of his school subjects (though)

22.Henry's friend is a millionarie.He hates spending money(sedpite)

23.I'd met her twicw before.I didn't recognize her (although)

24.Laura felt inwell.She went on working (in spite of this)

25.I told the absolute truth.No one would believe me (even though)

26.The good were never delivered .We had received the promise(despite)

27.We took many pictures although the sky was cloudy (in spite of )

28. We understand him im spite of his strong accent ( although)

29.Although he is wealthy,he is not spoiled(despite)

30.Despite a good salary,he was unhappy in his job (though)

31.In spite of the high prices,my roommates go to the movies every Saturday (although)

32.Even though she had a poor memory,she told interesting stories to the children (despite)

33.In spite of their poverty,they are very generous (although)

34.Though he has been absent frquently , he has managed to pass the test( despite)

35.In spite of Lee's Dasness at losing the contest ,she managed to smile (although)

36.My friend ate the chocolate cake even though she was on a diet (despite )

37.In spite of headache , he enjoyed the film ( although)

38.My sister will take a plane even though she dislikes flying (in spite of )

39.He isn't happy although he is very rish (despite)

40.Even though he got a good job,he was not satisfied (despite)

41.Although he often tells lies, many people believe him (despite)

42.Mary didn't go to school yesterday because she was sick (because of )

43.She went to bed eary because she felt tired (because of)

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