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I. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word in capital letters. In some cases you may have to make a negative form by using the prefix dis-, in-, or un-

Xem nội dung đầy đủ tại:https://123doc.net/document/1490260-word-forms-exercises.htm#26. ADD

a. Are all those ___________ they put in food really necessary?

b. In _______ to doing the cleaning, I make the coffee.

27. ADMIREa. This is an _________ piece of work.

b. I am full of _________ for the improvements he’s made.


a. Unfortunately, you’ll be at a ___________ if you can’t drive.b. Knowing a lot of languages, he’s in a very ______________ position.29. ADVERTISEa. He works for an _________ agency.b. I saw an ________ for the job in our local newspaper.30. AGREE a. He gets very angry if you ____________ with his ideas

.b. The ______ we made was for one year only.


a. I only had a day to visit all the tourist _________.

b. She smiles so _____________, doesn’t she?

32. BASE

a. My grandfather only had a very ___________ education.

b. The organization is run on a voluntary ______________.

33. CALCULATEa. Half of these _____________ are wrong!

b. My son wants a pocket __________ for his birthday.

c. He was a very cool, ____________ kind of person.

34. COLLECTa. Stamp _________ can be a very expensive hobby.

b. Here’s a special offer to all ____________ of foreign coins!

c. The _________ was very successful. It raised $ 3,500.


a. I’m just a beginner in ________ with her.

b. Crimes of violence were _________ rare until a few years ago.

c. What happened two years ago is not really _________ to the situation now.


a. Would all __________ please make their way to the start?

b. We’re selling these toys at a very ________ price.

c. If I win this __________ I’ll get a new bicycle.


a. She received a letter of __________ from the hotel

.b. We’ve received an _____________ report of an explosion outside the President’s house.


a. His latest book is a __________ of his previous one.

b. The train service was ___________ because it wasn’t used by many people.c. I couldn’t get much work done as I was ________ being interrupted by people telephoning me.d. After four hours’ __________ typing I had a terrible headache

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