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Đỗ Thanh Hải
21 tháng 10 2021 lúc 17:31

1. A. festival                      B. resource           C. station          D. history

2. A. statue                         B. important         C. devote           D. begin

3. A. ancestor                     B. curious             C. heritage        D. tradition

4. A. buffalo                       B. recognize          C. convenient    D. cultural

5. skateboard                  B. sticker               C. adore            D. leisure

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Lê Phương Mai
25 tháng 3 2022 lúc 16:48

1, D

2, B

3, C

4, D

5, C

6, A

7, B



10, D

11, D

12, C

13, A


15, A

16, D

17, D

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Thu Hoang Anh
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8 tháng 11 2021 lúc 8:26


1. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined
A. tense /s/ B. decision /z/  C. skill /s/   D. house-keeping /s/
2 Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from the others
A. 'neighbourhood        B. as'signment
C. e'motion         D. sup'portive
3 Teenagers can be stressful if they have to study too much without ___(relax/relaxed/being relaxed/be relaxed) (without Ving)
4 Khang gets angry easily when he has difficulties in his life. He should learn___control skills (angry/difficulty/stress/emotion) (emotion control skill: kĩ năng điều kkhiển cảm súc)
5 You are not a child anymore. You should learn how to cope___difficulties (to/in/with/on) (cope with: đối đầu với khó khăn)
6 Last month my mother had difficulties in his life but she still stayed___and overcame all of them well (confident/happy/delighted/calm) (stay calm: bình tĩnh)
7 When I have problem with my classmate, I usually ask my father for a___of advice (tube/bar/piece/loaf) (a loaf of advice: một vài lời khuyên)
8 Khang's grandmother asked him when he___to DN to visit her (will come/would come/comes/had come)
9 My parents asked me to find out___it gave you so much trouble (what/which/why/where)
10 My mother has offered to look___the children, so we can go to the party (after/for/into/at)

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Thu Hoang Anh
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Nguyễn Phạm Công Viễn
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12 tháng 3 2022 lúc 9:39



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Thu Nguyễn Thị
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Thư Phan
28 tháng 12 2021 lúc 17:44

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