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SECTION A (60 minutes) PART 1- Grammar & Vocabulary Choose the best word or phrase (a, b, c or d) to fill the gap.1 My name is Juan and I _____ from Spain.a) isb) bec) ared) am2 Look at my family. This is _____ photograph.a) thereb) themc) theird) they3 This is _____ computer.a) Davidb) David’sc) Davids’d) Davids4 I _____ work.a) sometimes go to the café afterb) to the café go sometimes afterc) go sometimes to the café’ afterd) sometimes after go to the café5 She _____ for the train at the momen...
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13. C



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Part I. Choose the word, phrase or expression which best completes each sentence. (5 points)

1. He always takes full _____________ of the mistakes made by these competitions.

    A. advantage                         B. benefit                     C. profit                            D. advice

2. My mother goes to ____ church ____ Sunday morning.

    A. the / every                      B. the / on                     C. Æ / every                     D. Æ / in

3.  “Have they arrested the thieves yet? ”  - “It’s only a _____________ of time.”

    A. period                              B. matter                      C. length                            D. waste

4. Those interested in the post of Assistant manager are requested to apply _____________.

    A. as a person                      B. in person                  C. as persons                    D. by person

5. I think you should _____________.

     A. have your hair be cut                                           B. cut your hair

     C. have your hair cut                                                D. have your hair been cut

6.  If only I_____________ more time.

     A.  had

      B. have

 C. will have

D. might have

7. This young tree could not have been damaged by accident. I believe it was done _____________.

     A. in fact                             B. on purpose               C. by appointment             D. by plan

8. Tony never comes to class on time and______.        

     A. neither does Pedro        B. so does Pedro           C. so doesn’t Pedro          D. neither doesn’t

9. Nobody was injured in the accident, _____________?

     A. was there                      B. weren’t they            C. were they                    D. wasn’t it

10. I had to get up early, _____________I would miss the train.


     A. so that                           B. if not             C. but                                D. otherwise

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1. Although the room is well furnished, I felt _____________

A. comfort                  B. comfortable                      C. uncomfortable                 D. inconvenience

2. I’m very thirsty and I’d like __________ a cold drink.

A. having                    B. to have                              C. to having                           D. have

3. My father has had this car ______ nearly three years.

A. in                            B. since                                  C. during                                D. for

4. The news on TV last night _________very bad.

A. was                         B. were                                   C. has been                            D. have been

5. Mrs. Ngoc often _________ his motorbike to visit her hometown.

A. drives                     B. flies                                    C. rides                                   D. goes

6. He had to stand in the balcony to catch the whole_______ of the parade.

A. view                       B. vision                                C. sight                                   D. picture

7. Of my parents, my father is___________

A. the strictest           B. the stricter                                    C. stricter                               D. the more strict

8. On the table, there are vegetables, bread and two________

A. bowl of soup         B. bowls of soups                 C. bowls of soup                   D. bowl of soups

9. “___________ do you play table tennis?” – “Three times a week”

A. How much             B. How long                          C. How often                         D. How far

10. “Excuse me. I am looking for a post office.” – “ There is one_________”

A. straight                  B. turn right                           C. going left                           D. straight ahead

11. “Are you good at chess?”  - “ I’m the ______chess player in the world.”

A. bad                         B. worse                                 C. worst                                  D. baddest

12. We need ________ to sleep in when we camp overnight.

A. a bed                      B. a sleeping bag                  C. a backpack                       D. a torch

13. “___________!”     - “ Thank you. My mother gave me on my last birthday.”

A. What nice shirt                                                     B. How beautifully the shirt is

C. How pretty you are in this shirt                         D. What nice shirts you have

14. If we cycle more, there_______ less air pollution.

A. will be                    B. are                                      C. have been                         D. was

15. There aren’t ________good books at this bookstore.

A. much                      B. some                                  C. a lot                                    D. any

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1B (documentary: phim tài liệu)
2C (You’re welcome dùng để trả lời câu nói cảm ơn)
3B (make sure: bảo đảm)
4D (vì có now nên dùng thì hiện tại đơn, phía sau chủ ngữ my friend thêm s là knows)
5A (lay the table: chuẩn bị bàn ăn)
6D (sự việc đang xảy ra ở hiện tại và người nói đang bị ai đó đi theo, sử dụng thì hiện tại tiếp diễn và cấu trúc câu bị động => are being followed)
7C (cấu trúc make somebody do something)
8D (without + Vi-ing = mà không làm gì đó)
9B (the strictest: so sánh nhất vì chỉ có 1 đối tượng trong câu)
10C (now and then: đôi khi)
11D (hai vế ý nghĩa trái ngược nên dùng despite)
12A (bị động của quá khứ)

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