Oanh Ngọc

Giúp mình với ạ, mình cảm ơn 1. Tom’s story about __________ to ASEAN countries because they do not need any visas. A. travel B. to travel C. travelling D. travels 2. Look! Lan __________ the flowers her boyfriends sent her from Da Lat. A. smelt B. smells C. has smelt D. is smelling 3. I highly recommend __________ Ha Long Bay, one out of the world’s seven wonders. A. visits B. visiting C. to visit D. visit 4. Lan can’t wait __________ to the airport to meet her pen pal from Malaysia. A. going B. to go C. go D. goes 5. ASEAN is an organisation which __________ of ten countries located in Southeast Asia. A. was consisting B. consisted C. consists D. is consisting 6. Doctors and nurses risk __________ infectious diseases from patients. A. catch B. catching C. to catch D. catches 7. I __________ that the beaches in Bali, Indonesia, are always full of tourists. A. know B. is knowing C. knew D. was knowing 8. It’s no use __________ him to change his mind. It's no use + ving A. persuade B. persuading C. persuades D. to persuade 9. Tuan concentrated on __________ his project on ASEAN last week and was able to submit it on time. A. completing B. complete C. to complete D. completes 10. Tim is having trouble __________ on the exam. A. concerntrates B. to concerntrate C. concerntrating D. concerntrate 11. After having a big argument, he refused __________ to her. A. to talk B. talking C. talk D. talks 12. She decided __________ a yoga class to keep fit. A. joining B. to join C. join D. to joining 13. Their new instant coffee __________ very good. It is not surprising that it’s becoming more and more popular. A. tasted B. is tasting C. tastes D. taste 14. I will never forget __________ Jane for the first time. A. met B. meet C. meeting D. to meet 15. They hope __________ a lot of money in their business. A. to make B. make C. making D. made

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