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Proactive Job Hunting



Once upon a time, people left school or university, joined a company and stayed with it until they retired. The concept of a job for life is now long (1)_____, and nowadays many employees find it hard to


stay loyal to their companies for even a relatively short (2)_____ of time. According to a recent survey,


this is particularly true in London, where more than half of those asked said that they constantly (3)_____


one eye on other job opportunities, (4)_____ they are fairly happy in their existing jobs. A high number of


London workers say that they are always on the (5)_____, although they are content and motivated in


their current position.


Job seekers find that the internet (6)_____ them with a quick and easy way to find out what's available,


and 53 per cent said that they had applied for a job or registered with an employment agency in the past 12 months. This proactive (7)_____ means that people can look for a perfect job match with the (8)_____


of effort. But while this is good for job hunters, the growing lack of company loyalty could (9)_____ up


being a big problem for employers. Perhaps surprisingly, the (10)_____ factor attracting job seekers was


not more money, but challenging and interesting work.






Question 1: A. over

B. finished

C. gone

D. done

Question 2: A. period

B. stage

C. section

D. point

Question 3: A. hold

B. keep

C. put

D. place

Question 4: A. as well

B. just as

C. even if

D. so that

Question 5: A. search

B. pursuit

C. watch

D. lookout

Question 6: A. provides

B. fulfils

C. delivers

D. serves

Question 7: A. custom

B. manner

C. approach

D. style

Question 8: A. minimum

B. smallest

C. least

D. lowest

Question 9: A. run

B. end

C. come

D. lead

Question 10: A. biggest

B. highest

C. largest

D. widest

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