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Often mistaken for common swallows, swifts are one of the most amazing species of birds in the sky. The resemblance between swifts and swallows is due to their similar lifestyles, which are both based on catching insects in flight. Concerning their appearance, there's not much to say about either species – they have long pointed wings, chunky bodies and are gray, brown or black in color. However, one feature which differentiates these wonderful birds is their tiny feet, which are so weak that they are hardly ever used. Their scientific name, Apodidae, originates from ancient Greek and means "without feet". In fact, a swift which lands on flat ground may not be able to get back into the air.


What makes swifts so incredible is their flying skill. Larger species of swifts are among the fastest fliers in the animal kingdom, reaching a speed of up to 160 km/h, and in a year, even the common swift can cover at least 200,000 km. What's more, they eat, drink and sleep on the wing, traveling across continents in search of warmer weather. A young swift may spend the first three years of its life in constant flight before it breeds.

Swifts' numbers are dwindling so they are fully protected by international law. As they always return to their nests, care must be taken not to destroy the wall or porch where nests may have been built. There is very good reason why these birds are so well loved. They do no harm and



make little or no mess,feeding on pesky insects such as mosquitoes and flies. But above all, they treat us to dramatic air shows through the spring and summer.


Question 11: What distinguishes swifts from swallows?

A. Swifts feed on insects.                                 B. Swifts have very small feet.

C. Swifts sometimes land on the ground.       D. Swifts catch their food while flying.


Question 12: What do we learn about swifts?

A. They prefer to live in warm climates.

B. There is no faster species than the swift.

C. They do not eat or drink while flying.

D. They can fly up to 200,000 km in their lifetime.


Question 13: In the first sentence of the third paragraph, what does dwindling mean?

A. spreading                B. defending                 C. decreasing              D. wasting


Question 14: What does the writer tell us about the birds’ nests?

A. They are often destroyed.                           B. They are used more than once.

C. They are protected by law.                          D. They are full of insects.


Question 15: Which of the following statements best expresses the main idea of the passage? A. Swifts and swallows have many similarities.

B. Swifts are becoming extinct all over the world.

C. Swifts are admirable and deserve protection.

D. Swifts are harmful but beautiful.


Question 16 refers to section A on page 3.


Question 16: What is the main purpose of section A?

A. to stress the importance of environmental awareness

B. to point out the benefits of recycling

C. to invite students and parents/guardians to a meeting

D. to announce a planned recycling scheme

Questions 17-18 refer to section B on page 3.


Question 17: What do we learn about the ballet?

A. It’s only performed during the Christmas holidays.

B. There will not be many performances.

C. It will be performed at Greenhill School.

D. It’s not suitable for older children.


Question 18: Why are people asked to fill out the tear-off portion at the end of the letter? A. in order to get better seats

B. so that the school secretary won’t be disappointed


C. to inform the school about which performance time they prefer D. so the school knows how many tickets to book

Questions 19-20 refer to section C on page 3.


Question 19: What type of person would a suitable candidate be?

A. cooperative             B. introverted                C. bossy                       D. competitive


Question 20: In the third sentence of the second paragraph, what does They refer to?

A. school trips                                                    B. staff members

C. extra-curricular projects                              D. applicants

Questions 21-23 refer to section D on page 3.


Question 21: Why does the center need volunteers now?

A. It is caring for more turtles than ever before.

B. Most of its turtles are sick or injured.

C. It is experiencing an increase in visitor numbers.

D. The existing volunteers are undergoing training.





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Read the following sections and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on the answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 16 to 25.







Greenhill School

English Teacher Needed


Nov 15th

We  are  looking  for  a  well-qualified  and  experienced


Staff and Parents

English teacher to head our dynamic English Department. The


Reginald Bains, Principal

applicant must possess leadership qualities, but also the ability

Regarding: Recycling

to work alongside others, The newly appointed member of

In  an  effort  to  raise  our  students'

staff  will be expected to head a group of teachers in a

environmental awareness, I have proposed

supportive way.


that we begin a recycling program at the

Our school program is varied and progressive. Applicants

school.  A  meeting  has  therefore  been

must  be  willing  to  get  involved  in  all  school  activities,

arranged for Friday, Nov 29 (7:00 pm) to

sometimes at weekends, and organize extra-curricular projects

discuss certain issues with staff and parents.

including volunteer programs and school trips. They should be

Points to be discussed are:

aware that Greenhill School expects all staff members to

• When the recycling program will begin

contribute new thoughts and ideas regarding the expansion of

• How it will be organized

our existing school program.


• What students and staff are expected to do

Over the years our school has made outstanding progress in

• How parents/guardians can contribute

this  field  and  has  also  achieved  an  excellent  academic

• A general discussion about the benefits of

reputation, so employing the right applicant is vital.



If you think you could do this position justice, please fax or

A  full  report  of  the  meeting  and  an

email your CV to:


information   leaflet   will   be   sent   to

Reginald Bains,


parents/guardians at a later date with further

c/o Greenhill School,


details about the recycling program.

Potters Avenue, Framworth.




Fax:   44418 9721

Email: rbains.greenhill@edu.com






A Winter Theater Evening


Experience the wonderful world of ballet

and the music of Tchaikovsky


On December 19 and 20, the weekend before Christmas, the Vonereva Ballet Company will be dancing The Nutcracker at the Central City Theater. With its spectacular Waltz of the Snowflakes scene, The Nutcracker is always a favorite during the Chrismas period. It is said to be one of the most enioyable ballet extravaganzas for all ages, and especially children, due to its Christmas story plot, dancing toys and fabulous costumes.


Performance times will be announced next week but, in the meantime, please fill out the tear- off portion at the bottom of this letter if you are interested. Children who want to attend, but whose parents/guardians aren't able to, will be accompanied by Mrs Carlson, head of the Science Department. Due to the limited number of performances, we must book soon so as to avoid disappointment. Tickets will not exceed $10, but the bigger the group, the cheaper the tickets.


Greenhill School's Winter Theater Evening The Nutcracker

Please complete ond return to the school secretary


Name of family ___________________________


We would like _____ tickets


Signature of parent/guardian ___________________





The Bayside Turtle Rehab Center


Volunteers Needed


We are appealing for school children to work as volunteers at weekends. Presently, there are over 35 turtles in our care, a number which has broken all previous records, and the work involved and care they need is keeping the permanent members of staff at the center very busy.


Volunteers would be expected to do menial tasks such as cleaning, welcoming visitors, showing them round and generally


being on hand to help our trained vets when necessary. Most of our turtles are sick or have been injured, and therefore require a lot of tender loving care and attention from the vets,


If you have no time available but would like to help, you can sponsor a turtle for a small fee ($5 per month) and follow its rehabilitation and progress on a weekly basis, eventually taking part in its return to its natural environment. Perhaps you would like to do this together with a classmate.


So come along and visit us and our turtles. We'd all love to see you. We are located at Marina B2 and our phone number is 417 3831. You can also learn more about us online at baysideturtlecenter.com.


Mary Robinson – Director of Bayside Turtle Rehad Center

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