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Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks.

It’s always worth preparing well for an interview. Don’t just hope for the best. Here are a (25)_________tips. Practise how you say things, as well as what you (26)_________to say. If you don’t own a video camera, perhaps a friend of yours does. Borrow it and make a video tape of yourself. Find somebody to watch it with you and give you some (27)_________of advice on how you appear and behave. Before the interview, plan what to wear. Find out how the company expects its employees to dress. At the interview, believe in yourself and be honest, open and friendly. Pay attention and keep your answers to the point. The interviewer doesn’t want to waste time and (28)_________do you.

25. A. little                         B. several                           C. few                                D. lot

26. A. intend                      B. consider                         C. imagine                         D. think

27. A. numbers                  B. slices                              C. plenties                          D. pieces

28. A. so                             B. either                             C. neither                           D. or

phung minh

8. If you study at the Brighton Language Center- UK, you can live in ______on campus.

A. dormitory                      B. mobile room                 C. hotel                              D. private room

9. The government supplied the victims______ food and water.

A. to                                   B. with                               C. on                                  D. for

10. I think I’ve lost my new hat. I’ve ________it everywhere but I can’t find it.

A. looked out                     B. looked in                        C. looked for                      D. looked on

11. He was believed ______ 3 years ago.

A. to have gone back hometown                                 B. to go back hometown

C. going back hometown                                              D. having gone back hometown

12. She felt tired.______________, she had to finish her homework.

A. However                        B. Therefore                      C. So                                   D. Although

13. I telephoned the station to make________of the time of the train.

A. sure                               B. true                                C. real                                D. right

14. Several people were hurt in the accident but only one________to hospital.

A. was taken                      B. was taking                     C. has taken                       D. has been taking

15. When my father was young, he ______ get up early to do the gardening.

A. was used to                   B. use to                             C. got used to                    D. used to

16. He was a strict __________, he asked me a lot of difficult questions.

A. examine                        B. examining                     C. examination                  D. examiner

17. If you want to get good marks, you __________ study harder.

A. must                              B. could                              C. will                                 D. shall

18. Bill is always trying _______me.

A. to avoid to meet           B. avoiding meeting          C. to avoid meeting           D. avoiding to meet

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