Nguyễn Thanh Tùng


Exercise 4 : Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

1. I think you should _____  jogging because it is very useful for your health.

          A. take                    B. to take                C. take up               D. take in

2. My aunt often ________ money to charitable organizations to help street children and the homeless.

          A. makes                B. does                   C. donates               D. send

3. Brian_______ many community services when he was a student.

A. has done             B.did                       C.does                     D. was doing

4. Green School _______ vegetables for an orphanage last spring.

A. planted               B. plant                   C. grow                   D. is planting

5. - What did you do last weekend?

- I __________ to the SOS Children’s Village to tutor the children there.

A. going                  B. go                       C. went                   D. goes

6. We can make postcards and sell them to ______  money to help the homeless.

          A. rise                     B. raise                   C. get                      D. own

7. We can get many _______ from volunteer work.

          A. benefit                B. benefits              C. advantage           D. good luck

8. Children _______ plastic bottles for recycling a month ago.

A. collected             B. collect                 C. collecting             D. was collected

9. We_______ English to children in a primary school last summer.

A. teaching              B. taught                 C. teach                   D. to teach

10. Our school club ________ gloves for old people in nursing homes last winter.

A. made                  B. making               C. make                  D. is making

11. About one-fifth of the American population ______  volunteer work each year.

          A. do                       B. does                    C. make                  D. makes

12. We________ bottles to help the  environment last month.

          A. reusing              B. reuse                  C. reused              D. to reuse

13. To help people with transportation, we can ______  rides to the elderly.

          A. ask                     B. give                    C. donate                D. help

14. We should help people _______ , especially the homeless, the elderly and street children .

          A. needed               B. need                   C. at need                D. in need

15. Doing volunteer work can ______  you feel more confident.

          A. do                       B. make                  C. bring                  D. force

16. We ______ very busy last week.

          A. was                    B. am                      C. were                   D. will be

17. When my family went on holiday , we________ a lot of photos

A. took                    B. saw                     C. buy                     D. do

18. In 2012, they ______ their project for street children.

          A. started                B. are starting          C. starts                  D. have started

19.Yesterday we___ to an interesting lecture about coloured vegetables in our cooking classes. 

A. read                    B. study                   C. listened               D. studied

20. Last week, Our friends also ________ other activities like clean-up or gardening  

A. joining                B. take                    C. join                     D. joined

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