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Anh Thư Bùi
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1. The schoolboys were _____excited______ to go to the match between their school and the nearby one. (excite)

2. Many workers are _____disppointed______ to receive the pay when they start the first job.(disappoint)

3. To tell the truth, I was ___amused______ to read the funny stories written by my classmate.(amuse)

4. All of us got ___shocked_____ to hear of the accident happening to our close friend, Henry. (shock)

5. Nowadays no one is _____free_____ to do what he wants if it does harm to the community. (freedom)

6. My pet dog is _____cased?_____ to please, so I can give it anything edible. (case)

7. The _____farmers____ in the village are is->are sad to hear that there will be no rain in the next two weeks. (farm)

8. Green Peace is an ___organization_____ keen to protect the environment (organize)

9. The scientist is sure to find something _____useful_____ from his experiment.(use)

11. Mike failed his physics final ____exam____ and had to sit it again. (examine)

12. Their teachers used to punish them by ____making_____ them stay behind after school. (make)

13. Everyone agrees that a good _____education______ is important. (educate)

14. This book has a very ____interesting______ introduction. (interest)

15. We find listening ___comprehension_____ tests rather difficult. (comprehend)

16. Ben went on to be a very ____successful______ student at university. (success)

17. You should pay more ____attention______ in class if you want to make progress. (attend)

18. Before you begin the exam paper, please read the instructions ____carefully____ (care)

19. In our country, children start ____secondary______ school at 12 years old.(second)

20. Ben missed the test because of his ___absence_____last Monday. (absent)

21. You must be ___careful_______ when you open that door. (care)

22. We'll live a happier and _____healthier_____ life if we keep our environment clean.(health)

23. You are talking complete _____sensibly______ (sense)

25. Some ____environmental______ groups have declared a boycott of tourism on the island. (environment)

26. Air _____pollution_______ can cause illness and even death. (pollute)

27. We're very _______excited___ about our holiday. (excite)

28. Jackson canceled the concert to the great ______disappointment___ (disappoint)

29. Customers made a formal ____complaint_____ treated (complain)

30. She declined his invitation because of the ____impoliteness_____ of his fans (polite)

31. That old man told me an ____amazing_____ story (amaze)

32. Gasoline fumes ____pollute(tham khảo c32)____ the city air (pollution)

33. I think the careless drivers should be fined ____heavily____ (heavy)

34. Many people are concerned about the pollution of the ____environment_____ (environmental)

35. The seaside has a ____healthy_____ climate (health)

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Vương Hải Nam
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`(O) nn (O')=A;B`

`=>OO'` là đường trung trực của `AB`

`=>{(OO'\text{ là tia p/g }\hat{AOB}),(O'O\text{ là tia p/g }\hat{AO'B}):}`

`=>{(\hat{O_1}=1/2\hat{AOB}),(\hat{O'_1}=1/2\hat{AO'B}):}`   `(1)`

Xét `(O)` có: `\hat{ACB}=1/2\hat{AOB}`  `(2)`

Xét `(O')` có: `\hat{ADB}=1/2\hat{AO'B}`  `(3)`

Từ `(1);(2);(3)=>{(\hat{O_1}=\hat{ACD}),(\hat{O'_1}=\hat{ADC}):}`

Xét `\triangle AOO'` và `\triangle ACD` có:

   `{:(\hat{O_1}=\hat{ACD}),(\hat{O'_1}=\hat{ADC}):}}=>\triangle AOO' ~ \triangle ACD(g-g)`

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\(\Delta'=\left[-\left(m-1\right)\right]^2-1.\left(-4m\right)\\ =m^2-2m+1+4m\\ =m^2+2m+1=\left(m+1\right)^2\)

phương trình có hai nghiệm phân biệt 

\(\Leftrightarrow\Delta>0\\ \Leftrightarrow\left(m+1\right)^2>0\\ \Leftrightarrow m+1\ne0\\ \Leftrightarrow m\ne-1\)

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Nguyễn Hân
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Đình Minh Nguyễn
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Nguyễn Lê Phước Thịnh
6 giờ trước (13:18)

a: Xét ΔAOM vuông tại A có tan AOM=AM/OA=căn 3

nên góc AOM=60 độ

=>sđ cung nhỏ AI=60 độ

=>sđ cung lớn AI=300 độ

b: Xét (O) có

MA,MC là tiếp tuyến

nên MA=MC và OM là phân giác của góc COA(1)

Xét (O) có

NC,NB là tiếp tuyến

nên NC=NB và ON là phân giác của góc COB(2)

Từ (1), (2) suy ra góc MON=1/2*180=90 độ

Xét ΔMON vuông tại O có OC là đường cao

nên MC*CN=OC^2


c: góc IAC=90 độ-góc OIA

góc MAI=90 độ-góc OAI

mà góc OIA=góc OAI

nên góc IAC=góc IAM

=>AI là phân giác của góc MAC

mà MI là phân giác của góc AMC

nên I là tâm đường tròn nội tiếp ΔMAC

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Dấu =xảy ra ⇔ \(\left\{{}\begin{matrix}x+\dfrac{1}{2}y-2=0\\\dfrac{1}{2}y-1=0\end{matrix}\right.\Rightarrow\left\{{}\begin{matrix}x=1\\y=2\end{matrix}\right.\)

Vậy \(P_{min}=2015\Leftrightarrow\left\{{}\begin{matrix}x=1\\y=2\end{matrix}\right.\)

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Nguyễn Hân
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Phúc Nguyễn Hoàng
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Nguyễn Lê Phước Thịnh
20 giờ trước (23:07)


H đối xứng K qua BC


Xét ΔBHC và ΔBKC có



BC chung


=>góc BHC=góc BKC

góc BHC=180 độ-góc HBC-góc HCB

=90 độ-góc HBC+90 độ-góc HCB

=góc ABC+góc ACB

=180 độ-góc BAC

=>góc BAC+góc BHC=180 độ

=>góc BAC+góc BKC=180 độ

=>ABKC là tứ giác nội tiếp

b: Xét (O) có

ΔABM nội tiếp

AM là đường kính

=>ΔABM vuông tại B


Xét (O) có

ΔACM nội tiếp

AM là đường kinh

=>ΔACM vuông tại C


mà BM//CH

nên BHCM là hình bình hành

=>CB căt HM tại trung điểm của mỗi đường

=>H,I,M thẳng hàng

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Nguyễn Lê Phước Thịnh
20 giờ trước (22:55)

a: V(2)=9800000-2400000=7400000

=>V(2) có nghĩa là giá trị của 1 máy tính bảng sau khi sử dụng 2 năm

b: V(t)=5000000



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