Khinh Yên
3 giờ trước (21:41)


1, went ( vì có when I was 6 ⇒ Thì QKĐ)

2, has never seen ( vì từ gợi ý có never nên mình nghĩ là thì HTHT)

3, haven't gone - since ( Đoạn sau mình thấy có since nên đoạn trước là HTHT)

4, met ( In 2005 là quá khứ ⇒ QKĐ)

5, ( when you were younger là quá khứ ⇒ Thì QKĐ)

6. had ( có weekend nên là thì QKĐ)

7, have studied ( có yet ⇒ Thì HTHT)

8, Went ( có last summer ⇒ Thì QKĐ)

9, has smoked ( có since ⇒ Thì HTHT)

10, have you known ( bây giờ vẫn biết ⇒ Thì HTHT)

11, Did...find? ( có yesterday ⇒ Thì QKĐ)

12, have lived ( có for ⇒ Thì HTHT)

13, have been ( có since⇒ Thì HTHT)

14, hasn't lost ( mình nghĩ là hành động để lại kết quả ⇒ Thì HTHT)

15, ( Hành động quá khứ ⇒ Thì QKĐ)

16, has already bought ( Hành động để lại kết quả ⇒ Thì HTHT)

17, have...had( Mình nghĩ how long thì đó sẽ là hành động có kết quả, cô ta mua xe và giờ dùng ⇒ Thì HTHT)

18, has just called ( có just ⇒ Thì HTHT)

19, haven't won ( có rencetly, thường xuyên ⇒ Thì HTHT)

20, was born ( in 1990 ⇒ Thì QKĐ)

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Nguyễn Minh Anh
2 giờ trước (22:19)

8. Did you put on your jacket in the morning?

9. I haven't played chess since last year.

10. My father came in one minute ago.

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Nguyễn Minh Anh
2 giờ trước (22:30)

Bài 3

1. C: Will relax => will be relaxing

2. A: will finish => will be finishing

3. C: to find => finding

4. A: will be calling => will call

5. C: will have => will be having

6. D: at tomorrow => tomorrow

7. A: this is time => this time

8. B: didn’t feel => don’t feel

9. B: would strike => strikes

10. D: me => the


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Đỗ Thanh Hải
4 giờ trước (20:38)

1 learnt maths for 2 days

2 think learning E is boring

3 watching TV interesting

4 interested in eating meat

5 they have drunk beer

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1. Was

2. Bought

3. Went

4. Eat / ate

5. Returned

6. Wore

7. Received

8. Took

9. Watched

10. Cut

Đảm bảo đúng nha bạn!

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Khinh Yên
4 giờ trước (20:20)

1.       The seafood ...was......very delicious.

2.       Hoa ....... received..........a letter from her pen pal Tim yesterday.

3.       I the movie theater last night.

4.       They and crab for lunch.

5.       Liz .... Ha Noi from Nha Trang two days ago.

6.       He .....wore......a blue shirt in his birthday party last week.

7.       Mr. Robinson .....bought...........Liz a cap.

8.       They .......took..........the children to the zoo last Sunday.

9.       Mai ...watched......TV a lot last night.

10.   We ...cut.....the grass around our house a week ago.

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Đỗ Thanh Hải
4 giờ trước (20:20)

1 was

2 received 

3 went

4 ate

5 returned

6 wore

7 bought

8 took

9 watched

10 cut

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Linh Hà
Đỗ Thanh Hải
4 giờ trước (20:06)

1 C =-> will be relaxing

2 D => go

3 B => helping

4 A => will call

5 C=> will be having

6 D => tomorrow

7 A=> this time

8 B => don't feel

9 B => strikes

10 D => my

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Khinh Yên
4 giờ trước (20:08)

Did you put on your jacket in the morning?

I haven’t played chess since last year.

My father came in one minute ago.

c d c a c a b b d


last month

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Đỗ Thanh Hải
5 giờ trước (19:32)

1.Hundreds of people visit the White House everyday.

=>The White House is visited by hundreds of people everyday

2.Everyone knows this fact every well.

=>This fact is known very well

3.Shakespeare wrote that play.

=>That play was written by Shakespeare

4.They will sent you the money at thend of the month.

=>You will be sent the money at the end of the month.

5.People speak Spanish in many countries,

=>Spanish is spoken in many countries

6.The children often read stories in the evening.

=>Stories are often read in the evening by the children

7.Alice didn't make that cake.

=>That cake wasn't made by Alice

8.They buy newspapers anywhere in the city.

=>Newspapers are bought anywhere in the city.

9.That company will publish a textbook next year.

=>A textbook will be published by that company next year

10.She delivers milk at about six o'clock.

=>Milk is delivered by her at about six o'clock.

11.Somebody cleans the rooms everyday.

=>The rooms are cleaned everyday.

12.They grow rice in the north.

=>Rice is grown in the north.

13.We don't raise cows on our farm.

=>Cows aren't raised on our farm.

14.People used oil-lamps years ago.

=>Oil-lapms are used years ago.

15.The boss will meet him tomorrow in the restaurant.

=>He will be met by the boss tomorrow in the restaurant.

16.The old woman feeds the cats twice a day.

=>The cats are fed by the old woman twice a day.

17.She doesn't grow any trees in her garden.

=>Trees aren't grown in in her garden.

18.The company will give him some money when he retires.

=>When he retires. he will be given some money by the company

19.They took it back to the zoo.

=>It was taken back to the zoo

20.Someone picks the fruits everyday.

=>Fruits are picked everyday

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Linh Hà
6 giờ trước (18:33)

các bn có thể giúp nhanh cho mik  vs ak

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6 giờ trước (18:40)

1. The twenty - sixth of March

2. The nineteenth of August

3. The thirtieth of April

4. The  twenty-second of December

5. The second of September

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Linh Hà
6 giờ trước (18:21)

giúp mik ngấp vs ah

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Đỗ Thanh Hải
6 giờ trước (18:22)

1 A

2 D

3 B

4 A

5 B

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