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Last summer, I went to Cua lo with my friends. We went there by car, it is very far from my house, it is about 400 km, so we were very tired, but at one we felt better when we saw the sea.

Cua lo beach is really interesting, the beach is very large, flat, and it has a lot of sand. Waves are very strong, you will be very excited when you play with it. There are a lot of beauty spots, and good seafood there

We stayed in Binh Minh hotel. It was a very nice and comfortable hotel, it’s also rather near the sea.

The weather was hot and sunny all day. The sea was cool and clear, because it was very windy in the afternoon. We went swimming twice a day. My friends was excited about it. The food was extremely delicious but not very expensive.

We took a lot of Photograps of the sea, bought a lot of seafood especially octopus and some sea present for our relatives

After a week in Cua lo beach we felt happy and stronger.

We hope to go there again.

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Vũ Lê
3 giờ trước (15:40)


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Trần Ái Linh
21 giờ trước (22:21)

1, religious 

2, celebrations 

3, festivals 

4, seasonal 

5, parade 

6, feast 

7, greasy 

8, hightlight 

9, chaos 

10, superstitious

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21 giờ trước (22:20)

2.We are fighting ………for……… independence and unity.

3.You look a bit fed……up… . Is anything the matter?

4. Cheer……up………! Try laughing for a change

5. Wine is made ……from…..grapes.

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21 giờ trước (22:20)

2. for

3. up

4. up

5. from

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Quang Nhân
22 giờ trước (21:08)
His mother is birthday is.......May.A in B on C of D from 
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His mother is birthday is.......May.A in B on C of D from

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Lưu Quang Trường
22 giờ trước (21:10)

His mother is birthday is.......May.A in B on C of D from


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8 tháng 5 2019 lúc 21:57

=> Mary is my friend.

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Vong Tiện
8 tháng 5 2019 lúc 22:11

One of my friends is Mary.

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Vương Thị Thanh Hoa
Hôm qua lúc 14:28

1)Keep silent! My boyfriend is sleeping

2) At present, They are watching TV

3)We are studying English at the moment

4)The children are growing quickly. 

5)The climate is changing rapidly.

6)Your English is improving.

7)It is raining heavily right now

8)Listen! someone is crying

9)I am listening to music now

10.Hoa is riding her bike to school at the moment. 

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Hôm qua lúc 14:30

1. She is watching TV with her friends now.

2. I am doing my homework.

3. My mother is cooking dinner.

4. John is playing the piano.

5. They are working in their factory.

6. We are reading newspaper at the moment.

7. He is painting the picture.

8. Mary is eating a watermelon.

9. He is playing games.

10. I am going to school by bike.

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Hôm qua lúc 11:53

*** Complete the following sentences with the adj ending -ing or -ed form of the words in brackets.

1. You will be frightened when you see that film. It is a very frightening film. (frighten)

2. The Titanic is a very moving film. I was moved to tears when I saw the end of the film. (move)

3. His performance as King Lear was disappointing. Critics were disappointed at it. (disappoint)

4. We were all bored when seeing the movie on TV last night. It was really boring (bore)

5. I am surprised that she has won the Oscar for Best Actress. her award is surprising . (surprise)

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