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Hỏi đáp môn Tiếng anh

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Choose the underlined part among A,B,C that needs correcting.

1.) The weather is often hot and sunny on summer.


2.) You have practise speaking a lot if you want to improve your English.


3.) Tom said that he is learning English in an evening class.


4.) The taxi driver told me that he will take me to the hotel.


5.) He told us that he was absent from class the day before because of his sickness.


6.) She asked me how long does it take me to go to school by bike.


7.) Uncle John said that he would go to Nha Trang tomorrow.


8.) A stranger asked me how far was it from my house to the school.


9.) The mother asked her son what did he want for his birthday.


10.) Do you know what was she doing at this time yesterday?


11.) I don't know where is he staying now.


Fill each gap with a woed from the box.

course , fee , deposit , experiences , intermediate , editions , native , advance , published , scenery

1.) She collects first__________of Victorian novels.

2.) Everyone___________these problems at some time in their lives.

3.) It's cheaper if you book the tickets in____________.

4.) They stopped at the top of the hill to admire the____________.

5.) There is no entrance____________to the gallery.

6.) This novel is too difficult for____________students of English.

7.) Tim did a three-year___________in Linguistics at Newcastle.

8.) To open an account , you need to make a minimum___________of $500.

9.) The report will be_________on the Internet.

10.) Sri Lanka is her____________country , but she's been living in Belgium for the past five years.

Supply the correct form of the word in bold.

1.)______________decisions are generally made by senior editors.(edit)

2.) A good____________campaign will increase our sales.(advertise)

3.) _____________in English is required for this job.(fluent)

4.) Their grammar guide is too diffcult for a______________but not detailed enough for an advanced student.(begin)

5.) Mary can speak______________French.(pass)

6.) I can't speak a word of French so everyone can tell I'm a_________________as soon as I arrive in France.(foreign)

Fill in each gap with a suitable preposition.

1.) __________my experience , people generally smile back if you smile at them.

2.) They're going away_____________a training course next week.

3.) If you're going to come , please let me know_________advance.

4.) Small amounts__________land were used for keeping animals.

5.) She lives________campus.

6.) We're put down a 5% deposit_______ the house.

7.) Do you have any experience__________working with kids?

8.) The best way to learn is___________experience.

9.) I'm aware of Mark's reputation___________being late.

10.) She's extremely well qualified____________the job.

Use the correct form of the word given to complete each sentences.

1.) She became rich after the_________________of the first book.(publish)

2.) We listened to the radio____________on the football match.(comment)

3.) How often do you go_______________in the woods?(hike)

4.) If you are_____________to our proposal , we'll go ahead.(agree)

5.) In 1863 President Lincoln gave____________to all American slaves.(free)

6.) What are his_________________for the job?(qualify)

7.) The house is in a quiet_____________on top of a hill.(locate)

8.) Several_______________are competing in the same market.(publish)

9.) Are you in______________about the working conditions?(agree)

10.) The children are not able to be still . They always get____________on long journeys.(rest)

Use the words given to complete the following sentences.

1.) If he wants to become a singer , _________________________________________.(ought to / music class)

2.) If she doesn't want to become a doctor , __________________________________________.(parents / shouldn't / force / study / medicine)

3.) If you want to gain weight , _____________________________________.(have to / meat / milk)

4.) If you want to improve your English , __________________________________________.(must practice / every day)

5.) If you don't do morning exrcises , ___________________________________________________.(should / sports / instead)

6.) If Nam is late for class again , ________________________________________________.(teacher / may / angry)

7.) If she eats a lot of ice cream , _________________________________________________.(may / toothache)

8.) If he goes to bed late , ________________________________________________________.(might / get / late)

Match the sentence halves and write a new sentence with the same meaning beginning each one with If.

1.) it's cold tomorrow

2.) She wants to go out with her boy friend

3.) Nam gets this good news

4.) you don't get up early

5.) we don't want our environment polluted

6.) you work slowly and lazily

7.) you don't eat anything for breakfast

8.) Lan doesn't study hard for her examination

9.) you don't practise speaking English regularly

10.) the teacher is sick

a.) you may miss the train

b.) your English can't be better

c.) she should ask her mother's permission

d.) he must be very happy

e.) you may be hungry during class

f.) we can't go on a picnic

g.) you can't finish work on time

h.) she can't get good marks

i.) he may be absent tomorrow

j.) we shouldn't throw rubbish carelessly











Put the following sentences into reported speech.

1.) He said , ''I must go next week.''

He said_________________________________________

2.) He said to me, ''When you are at the butcher's , remember to get a bone for the dog.''

He told_____________________________________________________________________

3.) She said, ''I will answer the phone.''

_She said________________________________________

4.) Nam said, ''I am told to be at school befoce 7 o'clock.''

Nam said that_____________________________________________

5.) Peter said, ''My parents are very proud of my good marks.''

Peter said that____________________________________________________

6.) Lan said, ''I may visit my parents in summer.''

Lan said that__________________________________________

7.) ''Where does your father work?'' the teacher asked me.

The teacher______________________________________________

8.) ''Why do you collect waste paper?'' , I asked Mai.

I asked_____________________________________________

9.) ''How do you go to the airport?" , his friend asked Nam.

His friend________________________________________________

10.)'' how long will you stay in England?'' , Tom asked Nam.

Tom asked_________________________________________________

Rewrite the following sentences without changing their meanings.

1.)'' You'd better not lend them any more money , Tom,'' said John.

John advised Tom______________________________________________

2.)Yoy will catch a cold if you don't keep your feet dry.


3.) Mark is too young to see the horror film.

Mark is not_________________________________________

4.) That factory is producing more and more pollution.

More and more pollution_____________________________________

5.) Nam is sorry now that he didn't accept the job.

Nam now wishes that________________________________________

6.) I was very busy , I couldn't go to the meeting.

If I___________________________________________________

7.) I wanted to see Mr.Brown . I phoned his company.

Because I___________________________________________

8.) He gets up early in the morning and he's used to it.

He's used to___________________________________________

9.) I came here because I wanted the Enflish course.

I came here because of__________________________________________

10.) Remember to check for spelling mistakes befoce you hand in your composition.


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