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X. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

Maple Tree

        Trees have (1) _________ a meaningful role in the (2) _________ development of Canada and continue to be of commercial, environmental and aesthetic importance to all Canadians. Maples contribute valuable wood products, keep the maple sugar (3) _________ alive and help to beautify the landscape.

Since 1965 the maple leaf (4) _________the most important feature of the National

Flag of Canada and the maple tree with the leaves has become the most well-known Canadian (5) _________, nationally and internationally. Maple leaf pins and badges are proudly (6) _________by Canadians abroad, and are recognized around the world. (7) _________the maple leaf is closely associated with Canada, the maple tree was never officially recognized (8) _________Canada’s emblem until 1996.        

1.  A. taken        B. given        C. done        D. played

2.  A. history        B. historical        C. historic        D. historian

3.  A. industry        B. industries        C. industrial        D. industrially

4.  A. was        B. have been        C. has been        D. is

5.  A. sign        B. symbol        C. tree        D. leaf

6.  A. wear        B. wore        C. worn        D. to be worn

7. A. Because        B. So        C. But        D. Although

8. A. of        B. with        C. as        D. for

XI. Read the text and choose the best answer for each sentence.

The United States is a large country. It is the third largest in the whole world! It is located in a continent called North America. Parts of the United States touch three different oceans. The United States has tall mountains, wide plains, deserts, hills, rivers, lakes, volcanoes, and even rainforests! People from all over the world have come to live the United States. There are 50 states in the United States. The newest states, Alaska and Hawaii, are not connected to the other states. Alaska is the largest state and Hawaii is a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean.

1.         The United States is the          country in the world.

        A. second largest         B. largest         C. smallest         D. third largest

2.        Alaska is                  and Hawaii is                 . 

        A. a chain of islands, the largest state         B. the largest state: a chain of islands

        C. a chain of islands; the largest state         D. not connected to the other states, the largest state.

3.        The United States does not have                 .

        A. 50 states                 B. volcanoes         C. mountains         D. continents

4.        Parts of the United States touch                  different oceans.

        A. 1                B. 2        C. 4        D. 3

5.        What continent is the United States in?

        A. North America         B. Australia         C. Africa         D. Europe

XII. Read the text and choose the best answer for each sentence.


The Bald Eagle is a majestic bird. The adult bird has a brown body, brown wings, white head, and large, hooked yellow bill. Younger birds appear all brown.

Bald Eagles almost always live near water because their main food source is fish. Sometimes, however, Bald Eagles will eat dead animals. They will even steal food from other birds such as ospreys and gulls! It was for this reason that the famous Patriot Benjamin Franklin preferred the Wild Turkey as America's National symbol. Nevertheless, the Bald Eagle remains America's symbol.

1.         How are younger Bald Eagles different from adult Bald Eagles?

        A. They are smaller.        B. They have lighter bodies.

        C. They have black bills.         D. They are totally brown.

2.         The author seemed surprised that…

        A. bald eagles eat fish.         B. the bald eagle is America's symbol.

        C. bald eagles steal food from other birds. D. bald eagles have white heads.

3.        What color is the Bald Eagle's bill?

        A. yellow         B. black         C. white         D. brown

4.         Why do Bald Eagles usually live near water?

        A. Bald Eagles eat fish.         B. It protects the nest from predators.

        C. Bald Eagles like to swim.         D. Because they steal food.

5.         Benjamin Franklin thought                 .

        A. the Bald Eagle was a fine choice as America's symbol.

        B. The Bald Eagle was a better choice as America's symbol than the Wild Turkey.

         C. Neither the Wild Turkey or Bald Eagle were good choices as America's symbol.

        D. The Wild Turkey was a better choice as America's symbol than the Bald Eagle.

XIII. Rearrange the words to make sentences

1. Statue of Liberty / The / in/ New York. / is / 


2. from/other countries/to study/Many students/go to/ each year. / England


3. their tattoos/Maori people/famous for / are/haka dance. /and


4. capital / Washington DC / Is / the / of / the USA? 


5. took/to travel/We/a/double-decker/ bus tour/around/London.


6. has/air/in/New Zealand /the world. /the cleanest


the / an / in / Pacific Ocean. / island country / New Zealand  


8. are / of Wales/ the two official languages / English and Welsh


9. a picture  / This/  is / of / in/  my village / landscape / the


10.  games / Australians /Most/ love /outdoor/ and/ sports/ .


VII. Read the passage and choose the correct answer.


        Singapore is a country in Southeast Asia. It is an island near the end of the Malay peninsula. A “peninsula” is a piece of land that has water on three sides.

        Singapore is called a “city-state.” This means that it is an independent country that has only one city. Singapore is the name of the country and the city that take up the entire island.

        Because of its location, Singapore has become a critical business hub. “Hub” means center or key location. It is a good stopping point for ships that are traveling between Asia and Europe or Africa.

        When the trade was primarily done by ships, Singapore became a very important port. A “port” is a place where ships go in and out. This continues today. Singapore is the fifth largest port in the world!

        Being an important port, Singapore has also become a very important center for world business. This means that Singapore has a very strong and diverse economy, which sets it apart from many other Southeast Asian nations.

1. Where is Singapore?

        A. It is in West Asia.                B. It is in South Asia.        

        C. It is in East Asia.                D. It is in Southeast Asia.

2. What does “peninsula” mean?

A. It is a piece of land that has water on one side.     B. It is a piece of land that has water on two sides.

C. It is a piece of land that has water on three sides.        D. It is a piece of land that has water on four sides.

3. Why is Singapore called a “city-state”?

        A. Because it is an island near the end of the Malay peninsula.         

        B. Because it is a dependent country that takes up the entire island.

        C. Because it is an independent country that has only one city.

        D. Because it has become a critical (very important) business hub.

4. What does “hub” mean?

        A. It means center or key        B. It means a place where ships go in and out.  

        C. It means stopping point for ships.        D. It means the largest port in the world

5. What is a “port”?

        A. It is a place where airplanes go in and out.        B. It is a place where people go in and out.

        C. It is a place where cars go in and out.        D. It is a place where ships go in and out.

6. When did Singapore become a very important port?

        A. When the economy in Singapore was very strong and diverse.

        B. When the trade in Singapore was primarily done by ships.

        C. When Singapore was the fifth largest port in the world.

        D. When Singapore was called a “city-state”.

VIII. Read the passage and do the task below

The Kiwi

The kiwi lives only in New Zealand. It is a very strange bird because it cannot fly. The kiwi is the same size as a chicken. It has no wings or tail. It does not have any feathers like other birds.

A kiwi likes a lot of trees around it. It sleeps during the day because the sunlight hurts its eyes. It can smell things with its nose. It is the only bird in the world that can smell things. The Kiwi’s eggs are very big.

There are only a few kiwis in New Zealand now. New Zealanders want their kiwis to live. There is a picture of a kiwi on New Zealand money. People from New Zealand are sometimes called kiwis.

Task 1: Decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).

1. Kiwis live in in Australia and New Zealand.

2. A kiwi has a tail but no wings.

3. It sleeps during the day because light hurts its eyes.

4. People in New Zealand do not want all the kiwis to die.

5. The kiwi is a strange New Zealand bird.

Task 2: Read the passage again, and write short answers to the questions.

        6.         Where did the Maori come from?

        ____________________________________________________________________        7.         How many Maori are there?

        _______________________________________________________________________        8.         What do the Maori look like?

        ________________________________________________________________________        9.         How do most Maori live today?

        ________________________________________________________________________        10. What do they do at their yearly competitions?


IX. Read the text and answer the questions below.

In Canada and in United States, one of the most popular days in the year is Halloween. Halloween is on October 31st. It’s a day when some people dress up in strange or unusual costumes. For example, they may dress up to look like an animal, a person from a book or a movie or a famous person from history. In some places, children go to school in their Halloween costumes. After dark, many young children put on their costumes and visit their neighbors. They knock on the door and shout “Trick or treat!”, then the neighbors give them some candy or chocolate, and the children go on to the next house. Adults also enjoy dressing up for Halloween. There are usually Halloween parties in the evening and usually there is a prize for the best or the most unusual costume.

1. What is one of the most popular days in the year in Canada and the United States?


2. Who do some people dress up to look like on Halloween?


3. What do some children in some places in Canada and the United States wear when they go to school on Halloween?


4. What do many young children do in the Halloween’s evening?


5. What are usually there in the Halloween’s evening?


IV. Fill in each blank with the correct word from the box.

native                     quality              symbol                      official                     diverse

unique                    resources            accents                      sincere                     wealthy

1. English and Welsh are the two ___________________languages of Wales.

2. Canada is rich in ___________________such as zinc, nickel, lead and gold.

3. Australia is home to a variety of ___________________animals, including the koala, kangaroo, emu, kookaburra and platypus.

4. Australia is a relatively ___________________country with a high life expectancy.

5. The US is a ___________________country with a multicultural society.

6. In Canada, the handshake should be firm and accompanied by direct eye contact and a ___________________smile.

7. In Quebec, if you give wine, make sure it is of the highest ___________________you can afford.

8. The American bald eagle was chosen as the national bird ___________________of the United States in 1782.

9. Australian ___________________do not vary from area to area like in many other countries.

10.        In Singapore, the number of ___________________speakers of English are still rising.

V. Put the words in brackets into the correct form to complete the sentences.

1. I like going to England to study English because I can practice English with _________________ speakers. (nation)

2. English is an _________________ language in this country. (officially)

3. People in the south of my country speak the language with _________________ accent. (differ)

4. Last summer holiday, my family went to Da Nang and Hoi An. We had a _________________ time there. (wonder)

5. Why has she improved her English a lot? – Ah, she’s just come back from an English _________________ country. (speak)

VI. Read the text and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.

        London is the capital of England in the United Kingdom. It is a famous and historic city. The city is quite popular for international tourists because London is home to one of the oldest monarchies in the world.

        There are many famous attractions in London such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye. Big Ben is one of London's most famous monuments. It is a large clock tower in the north of Westminster Palace. The clock tower is 96 metres tall. The London Eye, the city's famous Ferris wheel, is on the southern shores of the Thames River. This attraction stands 135 metres high. It is one of the most famous spots as tourists can get the whole view of London. Buckingham Palace is the home of the Queen of England. It has beautiful architecture and a great historical value. Many tourists enjoy watching the Queen's guards outside the palace. These guards often wear red uniforms, shiny black boots, and bearskin hats.

1. The capital of England is___________

        A. the United Kingdom                B. Buckingham

        C. London                 D. Big Ben

2. Many tourists visit London because of its___________

        A. history and monarchy        B. royal family members

        C. nature and people                D. people

3. Big Ben is___________

        A. a big water tower                B. a large clock tower

        C. an ancient palace                 D.  palace

4. Tourists can get the view of London from ___________

        A. the London Eye                B. the Thames Rivers

        C. Big Ben                 D. Buckingham Palace

5. The Queen of England lives in___________

        A. Westminster Palace                B. Winsor Palace

        C. Buckingham Palace                D. Westminster

I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. native        B. state        C. tattoo         D. education

2. A. ancient         B. capital         C. landscape         D. travel

3. A. country         B. symbol         C. hyperloop         D. history

4. A. stopped         B. booked         C. talked         D. visited

5. A. island         B. sunset         C. seaside         D. solar

6. A. England        B. Australia         C. Canada         D. America

II. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.

1.        In the United State, there are 50 _______ and six different time zones across the country.

        A. states        B. nations        C. towns        D. countries

2.        I once tried to _______ an apple pie when I was in London. It was really delicious.

        A. do        B. cook        C. make        D. show

3. Can you recommend me _______ luxury restaurant?

        A. a        B. an        C. the        D. ϕ

4. Are you going for _______ business next Monday?

        A. an        B. a        C. the        D. ϕ

5.        You should go to Canada in the summer because it is the most popular time for visitors to _______Niagara Falls and see the beautiful sights there.

        A.  stay        B. look        C. tour        D. visit

6.        Nowadays, we still see the _______ men wear kilts (skirts) to wedding or other formal occasions.

        A. Scottish        B. Scotland        C. Scots        D. Scot

7.        The USA has a population of about 304 million, and it’s the third _______ country in the world.

        A. smallest         B. largest        C. narrowest        D. highest

8.        In some English speaking countries, turkey and pudding are _______ food at Christmas.

        A. national        B. historical        C. traditional        D. possible

9. Most Maori men have ____on their arms.
    A. sticker        B. logo        C. symbol        D. tattoo

10. The Opera House in Sydney __________ millions of visitors a year.
        A. attracts        B. attracted        C.attracting        D. attraction

11.        New Zealand _______ lovers of nature and fans of dangerous sports.


A. attracts         B. keeps        C. calls        D. asks

12.        Queenstown in New Zealand has got beautiful _______ and a dry climate, so it’s ideal for outdoor activities.

        A. look        B. viewing         C. atmosphere        D. scenery

13. Is Oamaru town a good place to enjoy penguin __________ in New Zealand?

        A. watching         B. watch         C. watches         D. watched

14. She has a _____ of a tiger on her shoulder.

            A. tattoo        B. head        C. river        D. castle

15. Is Japan a(n) _____ country? - Yes, it is.

            A. island        B. ancient        C. local        D. capital

16. They had dinner on the beach after _____.

            A. sunset        B. sunrise        C. sunny        D. landscape

17. Some rooms have a private balcony which offers _____ views.

            A. amazing        B. local        C. unique        D. native

18. _____ is famous for kangaroos.

        A. The UK        B. Australia        C. New Zealand        D. Canada

19. _____ is a small island in Pacific Ocean.

            A. The USA        B. France        C. New Zealand        D. Australia

20. Today is _______ fine day. It’s clear and sunny.

        A. ϕ        B. an        C. a        D. the

21. Kangaroos are considered the _____ of Australia.

            A. coastline        B. symbol        C. tower        D. capital

22. She lives in _______ village on _______ east coast.

        A. a / an        B. a / the         C. the / an        D. the / a

23. Over 270 species of land dwelling mammals are __________ to Australia.

        A. nation         B. nationality         C. native         D. national

24. The _____ city of the United Kingdom, or UK, is London.

            A. capital        B. symbol        C. landscape        D. new

25. People in countries like the USA, Great Britain, and New Zealand use English as their _____   language.

            A. foreign        B. native        C. historical        D. spoken

26. _______ girl sitting next to me is _______ American.        

         A. The / A        B. The / An         C. A / An        D. A / ϕ

III. Complete the sentences with a correct article: a/an/the.

1. Look at _________ kangaroos. They're hopping on their hind legs.

2. _________ USA is a large country in North America.

3. London has _________ population of about nine million.

4. Peru is _____ country in south America. _____ capital is Lima.

5. After _____ lunch, we went for a walk by _____ sea.

6. It was a beautiful day. _____ sun shone brightly in _____ sky.

7. It is said the Robinhood robbed _____ rich and gave the money to _____ poor.

8. The Soviet Union was _____ first country to send a man into space.

9. Life is not so easy for _____ unemployed.

10. Lan has been a nurse all her life. She has spent her life caring for _____ sick.

Câu trả lời:

      "Would you like a cigarette?" she said to me.

     She offered me a cigarette.

"Would you mind not smoking in here?" said the receptionist.

The receptionist asked someone to refrain from smoking.

"Will you help me, please?" she said. "I can’t reach the top shelf."

She asked for assistance in reaching the top shelf.

"If I were you I would try to learn harder," he said.

He advised me to study harder.

"I’ll wait for you if you like," she said.

She offered to wait for me.

"Could you check the oil, please?" I asked the mechanic.

I requested the mechanic to check the oil.

"Why don’t you go by train? It’s much less tiring than driving," I said.

I suggested going by train because it's less tiring than driving.

"Answer this letter for me, will you?" he said. "And remember to keep a copy."

He asked someone to answer the letter and to keep a copy.

"Could you swim when you were eight?" I asked.

I inquired whether he could swim when he was eight.

"Have you got enough money? Shall I lend you some?" said my friend.

My friend offered to lend me some money.

"Miss Brown, this is Miss White. Miss White, Miss Brown," he said.

He introduced Miss White to Miss Brown.

"If you don’t pay the ransom, we’ll kill the boy," said the kidnappers.

The kidnappers threatened to kill the boy if the ransom wasn't paid.

"I’m sorry I’m late," she said. "My car broke down."

She explained that she was late because her car broke down.

"Let’s have a rest," said Tom. "Yes, let’s," said Ann.

Tom suggested having a rest, and Ann agreed.

"Many happy returns of your birthday!" we said. "Thanks," said the boy.

We wished the boy a happy birthday, and he thanked us.

"Could I have your name and address, please?" said the travel agent.

The travel agent asked for the name and address.

"Cigarette?" – "Thanks," I said.

I accepted the offer of a cigarette.