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Test for unit 6

I. Complete the sentences using the present simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. Our boss (leave) ______ Dover at 2: 00 on Friday and (arrive) _____ in Calais at 6:00.

2. The conference (start) ______ on June 3rd, and (finish) _______ on June 10th.

3. We’ve got plenty of time. Our plane (not/ take off) _______ until 9 o’clock.

4. Tonight’s concert (begin) _______ at 8:00 and it (not/ end) ______ until 11: 00.

5. When I (see) _______ him, I will give him your message.

6. I’ll buy a new car as soon as I (have) _______ enough money.

7. What time your plane (leave) _______ tomorrow?

8. Next summer the school holidays (begin) ________ on July 25th and (end) ________ on September 10th.

9. If the weather (be) _______ nice tomorrow, we’ll go sailing.

10. When the next train (leave) _______ for Bristol?

II. Complete the sentences, using – ing form of the verbs in the box.

go out/ work/ have/ read/ play/ watch/ see/ write/ listen

1. Mel suggested _______ for a meal.

2. I started ______ in this office when I was seventeen.

3. We like _______ television on winter evenings.

4. I remember ______ afraid of the dark as a young child.

5. I love ______ a good book.

6. I prefer _______ a shower to a bath.

7. I had to stop ________ tennis when I hurt my back.

8. Do you enjoy _______ to museum?

9. We miss ______ all our friends.

10. After I moved away, we continued _______ to each other for many years.

III. Fill in each gap with a suitable preposition.

1. We are waiting ______ the bus stop.

2. I’ll wait ______ you are ready.

3. They came to visit me ______ my birthday.

4. We arranged to visit you ______ seven _____ the morning.

5. Susan can come and see you _______ lunch time.

6. The conference is ______ July.

7. Did you have a good time ______ Christmas?

8. I’m enrolling ______ activities.

IV. Complete the following sentences by choosing the better one in brackets for each sentence.

1. The game (starts/ starting) at one tomorrow afternoon.

2. We (are going to have/ have) chicken and pasta for dinner tonight.

3. The bus (leaves/ will leave) at 8: 15 tomorrow morning.

4. Have you heard the news? Laura and Jason (are getting married/ get married) in August.

There (is going to be/ is ) a flight to Dallas at 7:02 tomorrow morn

5. I (hope/ will hope) to get a good job after I graduate.

6. Tomorrow the museum (opens/ will open) at 10:00 and (closes/ will close) at 5:00. Let’s go around 2:20, OK?

7. My plane (arrives/ will arrive) at 7:00 tomorrow.

8. I’ll buy a present for my mother when I (get/ will get) my first salary.

9. Tom (plan/ is going to plan) to buy a red bicycle tomorrow.

V. Make the correct sentences form the word given.

1. Tonight’s concert/ begin/ 8:00/ and/ not end/ until/ 11:00.

2. Would/ you/ mind/ close/ window?

3. We/ have/ plenty/ time. Our plane/ not take/ until/ 9:00.

4. It/ be/ dark/ here. Could/ you/ switch/ lights/ please?

5. When/ next train/ leave for/ Hanoi?

6. Can/ I/ have/ look/ your magazine?

7. May/ I/ come/ home/ earlier?

8. When/ I/ arrive/ there/ I/ phone/ you.

9. He/ not/ old enough/ watch/ this film.

VI. Read the passage below and answer the questions below.

Lan is excited about the interesting activities she is going to do.

The Y & Y is having a plan to help the community. She will participate in its recycling programs. In joining this program, she will collect glass, used paper and empty cans. Then she will send them for recycling.

She hopes she can save natural resources and raise some money for her school Y &Y in these activities. She also thinks about participating in either planting trees and flowers or helping the street children. It is really interesting, isn’t it?

1. Is Lan going to have interesting activities?

2. What will she do?

3. What will she send for recycling?

4. What does she hope in these activities?

VII. Fill in each blank with a suitable word chosen from the given words: application/ coeducation/ enroll/ position/ resources.

1. You need to _______ in this evening class before the end of August.

2. Your country is very rich in natural _________.

3. We received 400 ________ for this job.

4. What is his ________ in class? – He is the monitor.

5. They think that all boys and girls grow in balance way at ________ school.

VIII. Choose the given words to complete the following passage.

afford/ baby-sister/ kitchen/ look/ middle-class

proud/ returning/ things/ washing/ whenever

I really feel obliged in helping my mother, ______ (1) she asks me to do so. We are a _____ (2) family with parents and only two children. My father is drawing a small salary and so we can’t _____ (3) to have a servant to help in the _____ (4) and the housework. In the afternoon after ______ (5) from school, I help my mother in her ______ (6). Sometimes she asks me to go to the shop to buy ______ (7); but most of the time I act as a ______ (8). My brother is an eight-month old boy. Most of the time I ______ (9) after my younger brother, so my mother can do her work. I really feel _______ (10) that I am helping my mother.

Được cập nhật 14 giờ trước (20:27) 6 câu trả lời

Qên mất, còn 20 câu nx, vẫn là Conditionals: Types 1, 2 and 3, cố giúp t nốt nhé <3

. (Có nhiều câu nhìn qa giống y nhau nhưng khác hoàn toàn, nhìn kĩ nhé)

21. If you remove that screw the whole machine ... apart. (fall)

22. If you removed that screw the whole machine ... apart. (fall)

23. If you had removed that screw the whole machine ... apart. (fall)

24. I ... over the wall if there weren't so much broken glass. (climb)

25. I ... that wine if I were you. It's gone bad. (drink)

26. If I win a big prize in the lottery I .. my job. (give up)

27. If I won a big prize in the lottery I .. my job. (give up)

28. If you drive your car into the river ... you ... to get out? (be able)

29. If you drove your car into the river ... you ... to get out? (be able)

30. If you had driven your car into the river ... you ... to get out? (be able)

31. If I bought my wife everything she wanted I ... ruined. (be)

32. If I had bought my wife everything she wanted I ... ruined. (be)

33. If I buy my wife everything she wants I ... ruined. (be)

34. I ... you what that sentence meant if I had known Latin. (tell)

35. I ... you what that sentence means if I knew Latin. (tell)

36. I ... you what that sentence means when I learn Latin. (tell)

37. If I had an electric typewritter I ... the letters myself. (type)

38. If I can get hold an electric typewritter I ... the letters myself. (type)

39. If I had had an electric typewritter I ... the letters myself. (type)

40. Even if I were dying of thirst I ... that water. (drink)

1 câu trả lời

_Giúp t điii_

. (Tuy hơi dài, nhưng cố giúp t nhé)

Conditionals: types 1, 2 and 3 (cont)

1. I don't think you are so hungry. If you were hungry you ... anything. (eat)

2. If you dyed my hair blue everybody ... at me. (laugh)

3. If I had liked the house you ... it. (sbuy)

4. If you leave the keys in the car someone ... it. (steal)

5. If I had known her address I ... it to you. (give)

6. If I had a map of London I ... it to you, but I haven't got one. (give)

7. If you type the letter this morning I ... it on my way home. (post)

8. If you had heated the ice it ... in few seconds. (melt)

9. ' Can you buy me the paper?' 'I ... it for you if you give me the money.' (buy)

10. If Mr.Simpson came home early from work today they ... to the theatre. (go)

11. I ... the dishes if I had had time to do it. (wash)

12. If we catch that plane we ... in time for the meeting. (be)

13. Even if l knew it I ... you. It's a professional secret. (tell)

14. If Robert had a driving lience he ... a much better job. (get)

15. You ... if you had tried again, I am sure. (succeed)

16. ... your father ... in time if he catches the 10 o'clock train? (be)

17. If were you I ... fruit trees all around the house. (plant)

18. If that burglar had got into my house I ... my head off. (scream)

19. If we get a little more rain, the crops much more. (grow)

20. If she had been in the house she ... the house. (answer)

21. If he had checked the gauge he ... out of petrol. (run)

22. The grass ... much nicer if we get a bit of rain. (look)

23. If you had left before breakfast you ... by now. (arrive)

24. I ... my coat if it had been cold, you know. (bring)

25. My father ... you some money if you need some. (lend)

26. I'm sure she ... to the dentist if her tooth hurt. (go)

27. I ... her the diamonds if she had said she loved me. (give)

28. If had had a car I ... to meet you at the station. (go)

29. If that boy trains more I am sure he ... a champion. (become)

30. She ... Mark if she had taken my advice. (marry)

31. The magazine ... the story if it hadn't been true. (print)

32. Do you know what ... if you pressed that button? (happen)

33. She ... arrested if she had tried to leave the country. (be)

34. If I had realized that it was such a long way I ... a taxi. (take)

35. My mother ... the dishes tomorrow morning if she has time. (wash)

36. I ... something to drink if I were thirsty, but I am not. (have)

37. If the dog had been hungry he ... the stale bread. (eat)

38. If she dyes her hair blond she ... much more glamorous. (look)

39. If you had been more careful you ... the vase. (drop)

40. We ... frozen in here if you opened that window. (get)


12. He ... you back if you strike him. What do you expect? (hit)

13. We ... them to dinner more often if they were more amusing. (ask)

14. If your dog had bitten me I ... to the police. (go)

15. If you keep with the group in front, you ... the race. (win)

16, If you had arrived late, they ... you in. (let)

17. If that mountaineer slipped he ... more than a hundred feet. (fall)

18. You ... into trouble if you don't stop that nonsense. (get)

19. If you left that wasp alone it ... you, little boy. (sting)

20. If you had left that wasp alone it ... you, little boy. (sting)

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