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X. Read the descriptions below of the various activities available around Hanoi. Then write A, B, C, D or E to show the most suitable activity for each of the people below. (5 pts)

A. This Mystery Park is part of National Park. Sailing, swimming and other water sports are available at club, with professional teachers. Fishing is available for Mystery Park Club members only (minimum age 18).

B. The City Farm is for everyone who loves animals and wants to learn more about trees and fruit. There are horses, cows, and various kinds of children on the farm. There is also a large orchard with many kinds of fruit: oranges, grapefruit, pineapples, etc. Children under 14 must come with adults.

C. The Local Community Sports Center offers a variety of activities: table-tennis, badminton, indoor football and karate. It is open everyday except for Monday, open from 5p.m to 10p.m.

D. The Walking Club meets every Saturday morning. Club members take part in walks and discussion. Suitable for retired people.

E. The Play Center with a lot of activities for children is open everyday. There are different play areas for different ages. There are playground supervisors to take care of small children.

______ 1. Mr. Hung is retired but dislikes being with groups of elderly people. He doesn't like sports, either. An opportunity to get away from the noise of the city and to enjoy the nature is most suitable for him.

______ 2. Mrs. Ha wants someone to look after her children for an hour three times a week while she goes to an accounting class.

______ 3. Tuan wants to learn swimming in the afternoon after university.

______ 4. Mr. and Mrs. Binh are over 60 years old. They want to go out and meet people of the same age.

______ 5. Phuong and her friends want to play some sports together in the evenings, after classes.

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I. Choose the word that has the underlined parts pronounced differently from the others in each group:

1. A. there

B. healthy

C. gather

D. northern

2. A. raised

B. practised

C. talked

D. liked

3. A. days

B. ways

C. bays

D. says

II. Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the other words in each group.

1. A. diver

B. vessel

C. affect

D. chopstick

2. A. relax

B. marbles

C. comic

D. atlas

III. Choose the best answer from the four choices (A or B,C,D) to complete each of the following sentences.

1. Our school will ______ the school festival next week.

A. organize

B. take

C. rehearse

D. play

2. ______ silly mistake!

A. What

B. What a

C. How

D. How a

3. We are free now. Shall we go to our club’s party? - ……………….……

A. Yes, I shall

B. Yes, we should

C. Yes, we go

D. Yes, let’s

4. I and my brother usually spend two hour ……………….……every evening.

A. do our homework

B. to do our homework

C. doing our homework

D. to doing our homework

5. Of the two students , he is ……………….……

A. tall

B. taller

C. the taller

D. the tallest

6. When I saw your teacher this morning, I found that he looked very ……………….……

A. happy

B. happily

C. to be happy

D. being happy

7. Come here. We have ……………….……good news for you and your family.

A. a

B. many

C. a lot

D. some

8. Mr. Truong feels sick now because he drank too………………wine this morning.

A. many

B. few

C. lots

D. much

9. I didn’t break those glass windows but my classmates,Tuan and Hoang……………….……

A. do

B. didn’t

C. did

D. didn’t, either

10. - “Would you like some corn?” - “______.”

A. No, thanks. I’m full B. Ok. I don’t like corn

C. All right D. Yes, I would

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