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Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

1. This is Mrs. Jones. Her son won the championship last year.

2. My friends had so much fun at the festival. They wanted to go there again.

3. Ann said that there were far too many notices. Ann's children could swim very well.

4. Dr Oley is our family’s dentist. He is a popular dentist in the city.

5. Their parents are anxious about their children. The children come back late

6. Mr Phong hasn’t come yet. He is supposed to be at the meeting.

7. Lan went back home. She forgot to turn off the faucet.

8. My father is a doctor. He is fifty years old.

9. We first went to Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.

10. Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh. He wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories.

11. Loch Ness is 37 km long. People know it for its friendly monster.

12. I invited Mrs Kansas to my party. She lives next door.

13. I met Arthur Jones. His book on sports sells very well.

14. Steve and Lynn are Americans. They own the little restaurant on Bridge Street.

15. Their story sounds incredible. It is true.

16. Dr. Rowan has had to do all his own typing . His secretary resigned two weeks ago.

17. Harry is an engineer. His wife has just given birth to twins.

18. This is my friend. I was speaking of him.

19. Tom had been driving all day. He was tired and wanted to stop.

20. We praised John. His performance was remarkable.

21. Harry is always late for school. He was punished.

22. Those grapes were sweet. We bought them from the market.

23. Mr. Green is going to retire. His students like him very much.

24. Samuel Johnson was the son of a bookseller. Samuel Johnson was born in 1709.

25. My sister is living in India. Its population is second only to China.

26. My brother who lives in Sidney came to see me last month.

27. Bob's mum who is a musician has lost her car keys.

28. Jack is my new friend. His parents come from China.

29. I’ve just met Susan. Her husband works in London.

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1-       We like their ___________________ (friendly).

2-       The ________________ between Vietnam and China is good. (friend)

3-       They seem to be ________________. We dislike them. (friend)

4-       There will be a ___________________ in this street. (meet)

5-       We saw ___________________ girls there. (beauty)

6-       The garden is ________________ with trees and flowers. (beauty)

7-       They enjoy the ___________________ atmosphere here. (peace)

8-       The ___________________ unit of currency is the Ringit. (Malaysia)

9-       In ___________________, there are other religions. (add)

10-   They like Pho Bo. ________________, they enjoy Bun Bo. (add)

11-   The ___________________ anthem of Viet Nam is sung. (nation)

12-   There is an ________________ match between Vietnam and Lebanon on VTV3. (nation)

13-   The language of ___________________ is Bahasa Malaysia. (instruct)

14-   Ao Dai is the ___________________ dress of Vietnamese women. (tradition)

15-   ___________________, Ao Dai is worn by women. (tradition)

16-   To Huu is a famous___________________ (poetry). His ________________ are interesting.

17-   Ao Dai is always ___________________ (fashion)

18-   Jeans are ___________________ made from cotton. (complete)

19-   The ___________________ from Genoa enjoyed wearing jeans. (work)

20-   ___________________ of clothes always goes up. (sell)

21-   At the ___________________ to the village, we saw the accident. (enter)

22-   They had an ___________________ day by the river. (enjoy)

23-   They are ___________________ - qualified teachers. (good)

24-   We need further ___________________ (inform)

25-   This book is very ________________ (inform)

26-   Look at the ___________________. Rain Bi looks handsome. (advertise)

27-   It is an ___________________ program. (interest)

28-   The song is ________________ to me. (interest)

29-   We felt ________________ in the show. (interset)

30-   English is his ___________________ . (nation)

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