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Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Complete each sentence with a suitable word.
1. Good table ____________ make for a more pleasant meal!
2. Many family ____________ have been passed down through generations.
3. We are Christian, so our family has the ____________ of giving presents at Christmas.
4. We decided to ____________ with tradition and have fish for Thanksgiving dinner.
5. You ____________ touch an adult’s head or shoulders because it’s disrespectful.
6. Family traditions provide family members with a sense of ____________.
7. Lots of people come ____________ to reunite with their families during the Obon festival.
8. A typical extended family in Vietnam often includes three ____________; grandparents,
parents, and children.
Choose the best answer a, b, c or d to complete the sentence.
1. There’s a tradition of having parties _________ Christmas.
a. on b.in c. at d. for
2. Generally, rice is served _________ fish, meat, soup and vegetable.
a. to b.as c. in c. with
3. You _________ speak when the teacher is speaking.
a. needn’t b. can’t c. don’t have to d. mustn’t
4. Christmas Eve is the day _________ people in some countries exchange their presents.
a. that b. which c. when d. what
5. Japanese have developed the custom of eating meals sitting on tatami _______, not on chairs
a. towels b,prongs c. trays d. mats
6. You have to _________ your hat when going inside the main worship area of the temple.
a. take off b.puton c. break with d.get out
7. You _________ place your chopsticks on your rice bowl when finished with a meal. Don’t rest
them on the table.
a. shouldn’t b. don’t have to c. should d. mustn’t
8. He _________ a long family tradition of serving the military.
a. followed b.obliged c. reflected d. agreed
9. In the UK, families often celebrate Christmas together, _________ they can watch each other
open their presents!
a.though b.but c. because d. so
10. ‘We don’t sweep the floor on the first day of Tet.’ ‘_________ Why?’
a. What a bad day! b. You’re kidding! c. You’re right. d. Spot on!

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Rewite the following sentences without changing thier meaning

1. They are dance beautifully

They are .....

2. What's your date of bith?

When were...

3. Lan's parents gave her a bike for her bithday

Lan receives...

4. This school has five hundred students

There ...

5. How much does this book cost ?

How much...

6. They have posted the letter for you

The letter....

7. We started to study English last year

We have....

8. He is the best footballer in the country

No one .....

9. I walked to school in twenty minutes

It took......

10. "Don not do that" . She said to me

She told......

11. Somebody robbed the bank yesterday.

The bank.....

12. She has been saving for five years

She started ....

13. Would you like another drink?

How about.....

14. How awful the party is!

What ......

15. I was very silly to do that

I was...

16. You will have somebody repair your car

You will have...

17. The suitcase is too heavy for the boys to carry upstairs

The boy...

18. The door is called "Spot"

They called.....

19. I have not seen that man before

It is.....

20. There are over three thousand stamps in his collection.


21. Of all sport . I like swimming best


22. The teacher aked Tom if he liked studing English

"Do you ......

23. Mr Minh is Nam's uncle


24. She was hard working and intelligent

She was not only......

25. He did not forget it and neitheir did she

He remembered it and ........

26. They will change the date of the meaning again

The date....

27. " where were you yestesday, John"? said Mary

Mary asked Tom......

28 . Linda cannot cook as well as my mother does

My mother......

29. Most people's lives were badly influenced by weather condition.


30. Collecting dools from foreign countries is one of Jane's hobbies.

Jane is.........

31. What is her nationality?


32. They were building a new station when we came

A new station.......

Giup mik voi a. Mik dang can gap

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V Choose the word which best fits each gap.

Vietnamese people often enjoy sharing a meal with the whole family. The meal is often shared with loved ones over a lot of (1)_____ They eat from bowls and use chopsticks and spoons but chopsticks still remain as the most popular means of eating. Learn how to use chopsticks and how to put them (2)____ when not using. For instance, you should place them neatly on the table or on the bowl when breaking to drink or speak. When finished (3)____ a meal, rest your chopsticks on your rice bowl. Sricking the chopsticks straight up from a bowl of rice is a (4)_____ because it indicates funeral incense. It is also best to keep in mind that (5)____the chopsticks on the side of a bowl is considered rude.

You should also wait to be seated in the dining table and ask the elders to eat first (6)_____ this is a mark of honor to them. The women normally sit right next to the rice cooker to serve rice for the diners. It is a common table (7)_____ and a sign of affection and care to pick up food for each other.

Before starting the meal, Vietnamese have a catchphrase: "Chúc mọi người ăn ngon miệng". It means "Have a nice meal". This not only shows your politeness (8)_____ also your eagerness before enjoying the food.

1.a. laugh b. laughing c. laughed d. laughter

2. a. cleanly b. properly c. easily d. mainly

3. a. to b. by c. with d. up

4. a. taboo b. offence c. disrespect d. crime

5. a. tapping b. kicking c. fitting d. cutting

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Read the text carefully, then answer the questions.


Perhaps you know about some of the food that British people eat, but do you know about their strange food habits? People from different parts of the UK and from different classes call their meals by different names. They call the midday meal, lunch or dinner and the evening meal, dinner, supper or tea. Tea is also sandwiches, cakes and tea (the drink) at four or five o’clock. What
do the British eat when they want something quick and easy? Baked beans, of course! You must warm them in a pan and eat them on toast.

Cheddar cheese is so popular in Britain that people run after it down a hill! This is a very strange English sport. You can see it once a year in Coopers Hill. There are four races, three for men and one for women. At the start of the race someone drops a big, round cheese down a very, very steep hill. About 15 racers run and jump after it. The first person to get to the bottom of the hill gets the cheese.
There is another strange race that the British have. It is a special Pancake Day race. Only women can run in the race. They must run with a pancake in a frying pan and throw it in the air three times. After the race, many English families eat pancakes with lemon juice and sugar. Be careful if you have Christmas dinner with a British family – some of their Christmas customs are risky! Be very careful! Eat the Christmas pudding slowly if you don’t want to eat a coin! When they are making their delicious dessert, British people put a coin in the mixture. The person who finds the coin in their pudding will be rich and happy.
1. What do the British call the evening meal?
2. What do the British have with baked beans?
3. How often is the Cheddar cheese sport event held?
4. What is the prize if you win the Cheddar cheese race?
5. Who can take part in a pancake race?
6. Why is it dangerous to eat Christmas pudding?

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