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Trần Ái Linh
4 giờ trước (16:38)

18. The cook told me to mix the eggs with the flour.

19. Luke told me to bring a bottle of wine to the party.

20. Mon said to me that I should not eat out too often.

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hà vy
7 giờ trước (13:07)


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1. There are problems not only with the children but also with their parents.

2. He can not only make people laugh, but also make them cry. / Not only can he make people laugh; but he can also make them cry.

4. I not only sent him many letters but also tried to telephone him.

5. We visit our grandfather’s house not only in summer but also in winter.

6. She can not only dance but also sing.

7. They need not only food but also medicine.

8. Not only has she been late four times; but she has also not done any work.

9. She was not only upset but also angry.

10. In winter the days are not only short but also cold and dark.

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Nguyễn Hoàng Minh
9 giờ trước (11:07)

When did he go to Ha Noi?

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Vịt nho  :U
9 giờ trước (11:09)

When did he go to Ha Noi?

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Thái Bảo Nguyễn
9 giờ trước (11:12)

When did he go to Ha Noi?

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9 giờ trước (11:02)

Mary is the most beautiful in my group

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🍀 Bé Bin 🍀
9 giờ trước (11:03)

Mary is the most beautìul student in my group.

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Dieu Linh Dang
9 giờ trước (11:07)

 No one in my group is more beautiful than Mary

=> Mary is the most beautiful person in my group.



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Nhan Thanh
9 giờ trước (10:51)


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Đỗ Thanh Hải
11 giờ trước (9:24)

My favorite food are eggs

Yes, I do

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My favourite food is chip

Yes I like

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Hạ Về Hạ Về
Hôm qua lúc 19:18

ai giúp với ạ


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1.find a word with a different stress pattern from the others in each line 

a.advice                          b.reason                   c.island                   b.rubbish

               a.overweight                   b.important               c.physical                d.popular

a.restaurant                 b.vitamin                       c.holiday                d.vacation  

                  a.earache                 b.public                          c.aldult                    d.breakfast

a.vegetable               b.capital                 c.calorie                           d.japanese

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Thái không tên
Hôm qua lúc 20:13

1. a

2. b

3. d

4. c

5. a


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Hoàng Hạnh Nguyễn
10 giờ trước (10:09)

1 brought up

2 holding up

3 dressed up

4 broken up

5 grown up

6 set up

7 turned up

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