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what are the problems when a person goes abroad?


Thu Hồng
20 tháng 4 2021 lúc 0:57

Nowadays it is common to go abroad. It seems that going abroad promises more interesting experiences and possibilities for development; but we cannot deny the problems it brings.

First, we will never be sure what happens when we enter a new land with unknown people. That is in terms of security.

Second, we may have communication difficulties if we do not know a foreign language.

Third, we will face financial problems if we do not have enough money.

Finally, we will be very homesick with family meals together.

Therefore, in order to go abroad, we need to improve our foreign languages and prepare ourselves with a strong mentality and the thorough understanding of the country we come to.


Bài trên cô viết theo các ý chính về những problems khi mà một người đi ra nước ngoài.

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