VI. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition.

1. I don’t like watching films _______ television.

2. _______ the weekend we can play a game of badminton.

3. We spent several days sightseeing _______ Berlin.

4. The cinema is only three kilometres _______ my house.

5. Why don’t you go and watch the show _______ Dad?

6. She has read a lot of books _______ sports and games.

7. He is watching TV in the room and doesn’t go out _______ fresh air.

8. This talk show is on _______ 7 o’clock on Sundays.

9. Will you go with us _______ the stadium this Saturday?

10. The Houston Marathon is an annual event held _______ January.

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25 tháng 5 lúc 20:01

1 .on
2. at
3. by
4 .from
5 .with
6 .about
7 .for

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