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1 He advised not to buy the car

2 Nam offered to carry Lan's suitcase

3 Ann agreed to share the food with Dave

4 Paul reminded Sue to buy some bread

5 The man ordered the children not to touch anything in the room

6 Mary said that she must go home to make the dinner

7 Tom asked me if I was going to Ho Chi Minh City next week

8 Mom asked if I had finished my homework

9 She told me that she couldn't do it by herself

10 Lan wanted to know if Nam's brother lived in London

11 His father warned him not to repeat the mistake again

12 The photographer asked me to give him a smile

13 The librarian told the students not to leave those books on the table

14 He asked me how much I had traveled abroad

15 The boss asked the secretary who had written that note

16 My friend told me that he had just received a postcard from his sister

17 He said that the story had happened long ago

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