Hoàng Hạnh Nguyễn
2 tháng 7 2021 lúc 16:14

1. The rich have comfortable lives.

2. We live near a special school for the deaf.

3. The government should do more for the poor.

4. We need to provide more shelters for the homeless.

5. Braille is a reading system for the blind.

6. What can we do to feed the hungry?

7. Life must be hard for the unemployed.


1 used to

2 am used to

3 is used for

4 get used to

5 are used to

6 get used to

7 use

8 uses

9 is - used for - is used for

10 used to 

11 is used to

12 used to

13 used to

14 is used for

15 use

16 use to

17 used to

18 am used to

19 used to

20 to get used to


1b 2b 3a 4c 5d 6c 7b 8a 9d 10d

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