Units 13: Activities and season - Hỏi đáp

Hãy viết lại câu sao cho ý nghĩa không thay đổi, sử dụng từ trong ngoặc đơn. 

► Jonathan was stupid, (behaved) 
Jonathan behaved stupidly. 

1. The drink had a strange taste. (tasted) 

2. Obviously, sick people need to be looked after. (taste)

3. The dog slept. (asleep) 

4. The young woman was polite. (spoke) 

5. The train was late. (arrived) 

6. The film’s ending is dramatic. (ends) 

7. Polly gave an angry shout. (shouted) 

8.Billiards is a game for indoors. (indoor)

9. The clown amused people. (amusing) 

10. There was almost no time left. (any)


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