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Câu trả lời:

Circle A. B. C or D to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) 

18. Teachers should differentiate clearly between different kinds of correction 

A. differ B. tell the difference C. consider D. regard

19. The two groups were similar with respect to income and status.

A. respecting B. in regard to C. concerning D. All are correct

20. Despite some conflicts, by and large, our family is very happy

A . In particular B. In general C. On the whole D. B & C

21. Call me if you have any problems regarding your work.

A. respecting B. respected C. concerned D. in respect to

22. Norms are standards of behavior that are typical or accepted within a particular group or society

A. unusual B. normal  C. special   D. specific

23. My parents think that I am irresponsible but actually I am too busy to help around the house 

A.free B. occupied C. full D. stressed

24. After not speaking to each other for years, the two brothers decided to bury the hatchet/ difference.

A. stop being unfriendly and become friends again

B. have an open discussion

C. argue with each other

D. have a row

25. Have you made up your mind which university you will enter?

A. offered B. planned C. decided D. enjoyed

26. She never attempted to explain her behaviour to her family.

A. affected B. quit C. tried D. complains

27. Our lives have changed a lot since computers have come on the scene.

A. disappeared B. developed C. seen  D. arrived

28. She had very little office experience, so the company wouldn't take on her.

A. fire B. hire C. sack D. interview

29. They relied on the advice of their parents and teachers

A. followed B. depended C. took D. accepted

30. He had gone through a very difficult time before he succeeded in his business

A. experimented B. examined C. experienced D. adapt