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Câu 1 : comprehensive

Câu 2 : imperative

Câu 3 : borrow

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PIC 1:

16. D

17. C

18. C

19. D

20. A

21. C -> many

22. B -> is riding

23. C -> by train

24. B -> English

PIC 2: (Đề này phải là Viết câu hỏi cho từ gạch chân chứ nhỉ!)

1. What do you want to see?

2. What does your family usually do in the evening?

3. Why do not they have a TV?

4. What do you have?

PIC 3:

15. C

16. B

17. B

PIC 4:

18. A

19. B

20. Không có đáp án đúng (Vì mỗi từ đều có cách phát âm riêng biệt)

21. C -> with

22. B -> is talking

23. D -> of

24. C -> to do

PIC 5:

1. My mother and I go to Ha Noi to visit my uncle in Hoan Kiem district yesterday.

2. My father doesn't go fishing in the winter.

3. Phong often plays badminton with his friends in the park after school.

PIC 6.

1. washes

2. are sitting

3. will feel

PIC 7:

1. A

2. C

3. D

4. A

5. C

6. A

7. B

PIC 8:

8. D

9. A

PIC 9:

10. A

11. D

12. D

13. C

14. B

PIC 10.

1. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

2. Emma

3. At about half past seven.

4. Yes, he does.

6. He usually has lunch at the school canteen.

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11A 12A 13A 14B 15A 16B 17B 18C 19B 20D

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11A 12A 13A 14B 15A 16B 17B 18C 19B 20D

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1 x 1 = 1

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???????? kệ

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Over the last decade, there has been rapid growth in Vietnam’s energy industry. The demand for electricity in Vietnam has significantly increased along with its overall economic growth. According to the national data, the average daily electricity consumption was 615 million kWh per day in the first few months of 2020, an increase by 7.5 percent compared with 2019. Although many sectors and businesses were impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, the country’s electricity consumption still rose.
 Vietnam has been impacted by pollution and climate change so it requires the country to reform the power sector and adopt an effective transition to a renewable energy system. This shift would help reduce these problems, ensure energy security, and meet the growing demand for electricity of business activities and economic and industrial development.
 The Vietnamese government adopted the Renewable Energy Development Strategy by 2030 with an outlook to 2050. The plan focused on expanding "the scale and increasing the proportion of renewable energy sources," solving "the issues of energy supply to the urban area," contributing to promotion of production development, and building "a society which effectively uses the environmentally friendly natural resources." Vietnam aims to unconditionally reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 8 percent by 2030.
 The Vietnamese renewable energy market has also risen gradually. Under the Vietnamese law on investment, foreign investors can incorporate 100 percent ownership of Vietnamese companies in the energy sector and can trade in different types such as 100 percent foreign invested company, joint ventures or public-private partnership and BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer). Moreover, Vietnam has adopted flexible policies for renewable energy in recent years, particularly paying attention to the solar and wind energy projects in the country.
The country has great potential for the renewable energy industry, which helps it take a cleaner and more secure energy pathway.



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Câu 44. 

Which title best reflects the main idea of the passage?


Vietnam’s Energy Industry Affected By The Coronavirus Pandemic


The Demand For Vietnam’s Energy Industry In The Future


Developing Vietnam’s Renewable Energy Industry


Renewable Energy - A Stagnant Sector In Vietnam

Câu 45. 

The word "its" in paragraph 1 refers to ______.






energy industry


economic growth

Câu 46. 

Vietnam needs to reform the power sector and transition to a renewable energy system in order to _______.


reconstruct its system to secure the energy industry


meet the requirements of economic and industrial growth


ignore the negative effects of pollution and climate change


promote the influence of climate change

Câu 47. 

The word"reduce" in paragraph 2 is closest to ______.









Câu 48. 

Which of the following isTRUE according to the passage?


The Vietnamese government has welcomed foreign investment in the energy sector.


Vietnam has committed to cut down greenhouse emissions by 25 percent by 2030.


Vietnam has tightened its policies regarding the trade of alternative resources.


Joint ventures or public-private partnerships and BOT aren’t allowed in Vietnam.

Câu 49. 

The word "incorporate" in paragraph 4 mostly means ______.









Câu 50. 

Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?


Vietnam is making a big push into the renewable energy sector to meet its demand.


Vietnam's renewable energy has the potential to meet its economic and industrial needs.


Vietnam has emerged as one of Asia’s strongest economic performers in recent years.


The Vietnamese government has adopted new rules in favour of foreign investment.

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