Câu hỏi của Ngọc Thảo Phạm - Tiếng anh lớp 8

Read the passage then choose the true (T) or false (F) statement.(2marks)

How Nam has improved his English.

"...In the first semester of grade 7, I had some difficulties in learning English. My pronunciation of English was really bad and my English grammar was worse. I didn't know how to improve.One day, my English teacher took me to the school library and showed me cassettes of pronunciation drills. She also told me how to use an English - English dictionary to improve my English grammar.I made much progress and only short time later I got  excellent grades in English. Now I like learning English best. " 

1. Nam's English is poor in the first semester of grade of 7.  

2. He improved his English himself.

3. His teacher told him how to learn new words.

4. He is good at English now. 

Read the passage carefully and decide if the following sentences are true or false.

It is a sunny Saturday morning in North County. At 46 Elm Street, several people are standing next to a pile of lumber and bricks. They are going to build a house. But these people are not carpenters, plumbers, electricians, or roofers.

They are students from a nearby high school and business people from the community. They are volunteers for Habitat for Humanity International, a group that helps build houses for low-income families all over the world. These volunteers give their time because they like to help people. Today they are going to help the Dean family build their new house.

1. Habitat for Humanity helps build houses.

2. Carpenters and electricians build the house.

3. Students and business people are volunteers.

4. Now the Dean family is going to live in a nice apartment. 

XIV. Read the passage carefully and decide if the following sentences are true or false.

By late afternoon there were about 50,000 boys in the camp. They came from the United States and from twenty-two other countries. All of them were at least twelve years old. They all knew how to set up camp, cook meals, and clean up afterwards. And they all knew how to plan and put on campfire programs. Now they were ready for a week’s big Jamboree at Irvine Ranch. Irvine Ranch was a ranch of 3,000 acres with no buildings, only grass as far as the eye could see. By afternoon it was changed into Scout City, with streets running from one end of the 3,000 acres to the other. Each street was named and marked by a signpost, so that no Scout could get lost in this big new tent city.

1. About 50,000 Boy Scouts attended the Jamboree.

2. All Boy Scouts came from twenty three countries.

3. Some of the Boy Scouts knew how to set up camp, cook meals, and clean up.

4. After the boys arrived at Irvine Ranch, they changed it into Scout City.

XV. Read the passage then choose True, False:

I remember the days when I was a little girl. When the New Year came, my mother used to tell me not to cry, she used to take me to the market and buy new clothes for me. She always made my room more beautiful and baked cakes all night. My father used to paint the walls and redecorate the house and he often helped my mom with housework.

1. My mother often asked me not to cry when the New Year came.

2. She used to make new clothes for me when the New Year came.

3. My father never helps my mother with the chores.

4. I never forget the days when I was a little girl.

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