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IV. Complete each sentence with a suitable question word.
1. _____________ ethnic group has larger population, Cho Ro or Chu Ru? – ChoRo.
2. _____________ groups of languages do all ethnic groups speak? – Eightgroups.
3. _____________ is the biggest house in the village? – It’sthe communal house.
4. _____________ arts are displayed in a museum in Da Nang city? – TheCham’s.
5. _____________ do the San Diu mainly live? – InQuang Ninh province.
6. _____________ do the Thai hold ceremonies to worship their ancestors? – Everyyear.
7. _____________ is the village chief of the Phu La? – Theoldest man.
8. _____________ is it from here, to the communal house? – Justabout one kilometre.
9. _____________ is “khan pieu”? – It’s a shawl with colorful embroidery.
10. _____________ do they cook five coloured sticky rice? – Onspecial occasions.

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1. Which

2. How many

3. What

4. Whose

5. Where

6. How often

7. Who

8. How far

9. What

10. When

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