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1. Who is the planet named after?

2. What is the climate on Neptune like ?

3. Why don't people have liquid water on Neptune ?

4. What is the daily routine of the beings on Neptune ?

5. Why don't the being on Neptune suffer from heavy traffic ?

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1.The planet Neptune is named after the Roman god of the sea, Neptune.

2.Neptune's climate is extremely cold and windy. It's characterized by violent storms, including the famous Great Dark Spot, similar to Jupiter's Great Red Spot. The atmosphere primarily consists of hydrogen, helium, and methane, which gives it a bluish color.

3.People wouldn't have liquid water on Neptune because of its extremely cold temperatures. The average temperature on Neptune is around -214 degrees Celsius (-353 degrees Fahrenheit), far below the freezing point of water.

4.There are no known beings living on Neptune due to its harsh conditions. If hypothetical beings existed there, their daily routine would likely involve surviving the extreme cold and harsh weather conditions. They might adapt to these conditions by staying sheltered in some way and possibly feeding off of any available resources, if any exist.

5.Beings on Neptune wouldn't suffer from heavy traffic because there's no infrastructure or transportation system as we know it on the planet. Additionally, if hypothetical beings lived there, they might have evolved in such a way that they don't rely on vehicular transportation, given the challenges posed by Neptune's environment.

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