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10 tháng 11 lúc 20:49

1. There are four people in Loan's family: her mother, father, sister, and herself.

2. A bookstore is next to her house.

3. Her classes start at six forty-five in the morning.

4. Six fifteen in the morning

VIII. Read the passage, the answer the question:

1. No information

2. Trung is in class 7A.

3. Trung's family name is Pham.

4. Trung's address is 2/34 Nguyen Trai Street.

5. No, it isn't

6. Trung's house has a bright living room, two lovely bedrooms, and a large, modern bathroom and kitchen.

7. Yes, there is a small yard in front of Trung's house

8. Trung's mother grows flowers in the yard.

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Đỗ Thanh Hải
11 tháng 11 lúc 0:36


1 There are 4 people in Loan's family

2 A bookstore is next to her house

3 Her classes start at six forty-five 

4 I go to school at 8 in the morning


1 He is a pupil

2 He is in class 7A

3 His family name is Pham

4 It is 2/34 Nguyen Trai Street

5 No, it isn't

6 There are 4 rooms in his house

7 Yes, there is

8 Yes, there are

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