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Câu trả lời:

VII. Complete the sentences with the correct tense or form of the verbs from the box.

1. My uncle used to be a pilot. He _flew_ helicopters.

2. _get on_ a number 73 bus. That will take you to Islington High Street.

3. He __reversed__into a lamppost and damaged the back of the car.

4. When being stuck in a traffic jam, some people __ride__ their motorbikes on the pavement.

5. The old man got into a Rolls Royce and _drove_ away.

6. I will get myself a little boat and _sail__ it around the world.

7. When we reach the next stop, we’ll _get off_.

8. In the afternoon, Mai usually _cycles_ round the lake near her house.

VIII. Fill in the each gap with an expression in the box.

1. Be careful! The __road sign__ says “No U-Turn”.

2. You ran through the stop sign. May I see your _driving licence_, please?

3. It is the law that motorists give way to pedestrians at _zebra crossings_.

4. You can book your _plane tickets_ online, by phone, or through a travel agent.

5. Slow down – the __speed limit__ on this road is 60 mph.

6. We were stuck in a __traffic jam_ on the freeway for two hours.

7. When we got to the ___railway station__ the train had left.

8. What _means of transport_ did they use at that time? – horses

9. __road safety__is taught to young children to avoid road accidents.

10. You should wear a _cycle helmet_ when riding a bike

IX. Read the following text carefully and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each of the gap.

1. A. by

2. B. because

3. C. many

4. A. quick

5. C. than

6. B. to find

7. A. less

8. C. tells

9. D. how

10. D. where