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_Sunn So Sad_
25 tháng 5 lúc 10:00

Helen said that she thought she would have to find a better job because she couldn’t make both ends meet

He asked her why she was so late and told that he had been waiting for half an hour already

She told him not to let them down and added that she would be very embarrassed if he went back on his words

She advised her husband not to drink too much.He might lose control of the car and have a bad accident

The boy asked his mother when they would have lunch and said he was very hungry.

He said he didn’t understand why she had refused to join them on the trip

She told him she was very glad he had come and invited him to sit down

Mr Brown told his wife he didn’t feel like going out that evening and suggested asking the Browns to come over for a chat

John said it was raining too hard to go out and suggested that they should stay at home and watch TV instead

Tom asked me to ring up the station to find out when the train came in


She warned the boys to be careful and not to go too near the edge of the cliff

My friend told me to come to help him with the assignment

My friend said he wouldn’t buy that sort of raincoat if he was me

The janitor asked me to move my bicycle because it was in the way

I asked the librarian if I could take out another book 

My mother said me to leave the window open when I was using the gas stove

My teacher advised me to wear my school badge or they wouldn’t let me into the classroom

My friend invited me to come over to his house for a slide show

The policeman asked the drunken driver to show him his driver’s licence

The host invited the visitor to come again the following weekend

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