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Ex 6

1. Jane asked Bill when he expected to finish his assignment.

2. The man asked the boy if the boy could show him the way to the bank.

3. Fred asked the postman if there were any letters for him that day.

4. Henry asked the librarian how many books he could borrow at a time.

5. John asked his friend how she had managed to know his phone number.

6, he said those old  buldings might have already dissapeared by the time he was back the following year.

7. The boys asked the old woman what they could do to help her.

8. The guests asked the doorman where they should leave their coats.

9.Tom asked his brother why he had advised them to go sight-seeing on foot.

10.I asked the children who had taken away the magazines from my desk.

Ex 7

1. Rose said that she had just been leaving the office when she had come face to face with a stranger.

2. Ann asked her brother if he expected to be admitted to the university.

3. Richard asked Jane what she was planning to do the following day.

4. She asked her boy friend if it was true that his father had fought in the previous war.

5. Jane asked me where I had been all that time.

6. Mary asked her husband if he had seen her handbag anywhere.

7. The inspector asked the woman what she had been doing at 7 o'clock the evening before.

8. The passenger asked the taxi-driver to hurry up and he said that he had to be at the station on time.

9. Tom asked himself why he hadn't thought of that before.

10. Father said that the taxi was coming then and asked if everyone was ready.

Ex 8

1. Helen said that she thought she would have to find a better job because she coudn't make both ends meet.

2. He asked her why she was so late; he had been waiting for half an hour already.

3. She told him not to let them down and said that she would be very embarrassed if he went back on his words.

4. She advised her husband not to drink too much. He might lose control of the car and have a bad accident.

5. The boy asked his mother when they would have lunch and said he was very hungry.

6. He said he didn't understand why she had refused to join them on the trip.

7. She told him she was very glad he had come and invited him to sit down.

8. Mr. Brown told his wife he didn't feel like going out that evening and suggested asking the Browns to come over for a chat.

9. John said it was raining too hard to go out and suggested that they should stay at home and watch TV instead.

10. Tom asked me to ring up the station to find out when the train came in.

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