Phía sau một cô gái
16 tháng 3 lúc 15:29

1. This house is the oldest in the village     

→ No houses in the village are older than this house

2. My computer is more expensive than yours     

→ Your computer isn't more expensive than mine

3. Your  hair is as long as mine           

→ Your hair is the same length as mine

4. No languages are more difficult than Chinese         

→ Chinese is the most difficult language

5. I haven't eaten sushi in this restaurant before             

→ This is the first time I've eaten sushi in this restaurant

6. There were not many people joining the party yesterday         

→ There were a few people joining the party yesterday

7. She doesn't like writing an essay in English         

→ She is not fond writing an essay in English

8. I prefer reading books to watching TV         

→ I would rather read books than watch TV

9. We haven't used this room for 3 months         

→ It's been three months since we last used this room

10. Mr.Peter hasn't taught us English for 3 years             

→ The last time Mr. Peter taught us English was three years ago

11. She often drank milk before going to bed whe she was young

→ She used to drink milk before going to bed when she was young

12. Lan keeps talking in the class

→ Lan is always talking in the class

13. You read a lot of books. You will know a lot of things

→ The more books you read, the more things you will know

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