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talk about natural disasters ways to prepare for them

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• – Check for local flood warnings if your area is at risk: look online or call Floodline. • – Tune in to the local radio or television news for updates. Alert your neighbours, particularly elderly or vulnerable people. • – Prepare an emergency kit, including emergency numbers, insurance policy, first aid kit, torch and water. • – Use our home emergency contacts sheet so you have the numbers you need to hand, even if you lose power. • – Have a list of irreplaceable items to keep safe and put important personal documents into a sealed bag. • – Pack essential items you will need if evacuated – medication, clothing, toiletries and items for children. • – Purchase unfilled sandbags and sand from builders’ merchants. Remember that, if there is a flood, demand may exceed supply – as people will rush to buy them. • – Empty freezers and refrigerators, leaving doors open. • – If you can, move any vehicles to higher levels. • – If you have time, take photographs before you leave. This may help later with insurance claims. • – Turn off the mains power and water, and take mobile phones and chargers with you. Put sandbags in toilet bowls to prevent sewage back-flow. • – Shut windows, lock doors – and don’t forget to take your pets.

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