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V. Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1.      I’ll lend you the book when I’ve finished (read) it.

2.      Do you ever go (swim) in the sea?

3.      They suggested (have) dinner in a Indian restaurant.

4.      Would you like (go) out for a drink with me?

5.      Would you mind (close) the window?

6.      I nearly missed (catch) the bus.

7.      Lan wants (become) a teacher

8.      I normally try to avoid (borrow) money.

9.      Robert gave up (play) football years ago.

10. I didn’t feel like (go) out last night, so I stayed at home

VI. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.

1.      I’ll make (arrange) for you to meet him at the airport.

2.      Tuan (invitation) his friends to his house on Christmas Day

3.      My (assist) will call you later.

4.      What led to the (invent) of the telephone?

5.      Mr. Pike runs his business very (success). His friends admire him.

6.      My brother bought a new (fish) rod yesterday.

7.      Their children have quite (difference) characters.

8.      “Ao dai” is a (tradition) dress of Vietnam

9.      My car has given me excellent (serve).

10. Who is the (own) of this black Merced?

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3.having go


6.catching become






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1) reading 2) swimming 3) having 4) to go 5) closing 6) catching 7) to become 8) borrowing 9) playing 10) going 


arrangementwill inviteassistant inventorsuccessfulfishingdiffirenttraditionalserviceowner
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Các câu hỏi tương tự

I,Give the correct form of the verbs in the brackets to complete the sentences 1.She (be) happy when she (hear)...the news that she (cry)... 2.We (see)...Doris since last Sunday. 3.Students in the USA usually (not wear)...uniform. 4.John (read)...when I saw him. 5.My uncle (not/be)...out of his house since he (buy)...a color TV. 6.As soon as you (do)...all your homework, you will be allowed to go out. 7.My wife and I (travel) Mexico by air last summer. 8.We (leave)...Singapore six months ago. 9.I never (eat)...snake meat. 10.Oh no! Someone (steal) bag. 11.Let's...(meet) at 7 o'clock in front of the park. 12.My sister (not be) her room at the moment. She (cook) the kitchen. 13.It often (take) twenty minutes to go to school. 14.I can't take any pictures because I (not/buy)...a new film yet. 15.John (wash)...his hands. He (just/repair)...the TV set. 16.How long you (learn)...English? 17.Steven (live) London since 1990. 18.Would you like...(have) breakfast with eggs, children ? 19.I (have)...a little trouble with my car last week. 20.I (not/be) Canada so far. 21. (you/ever/see)...a whale ? 22.But I (already/travel) London a couple of times. 23.We (study)...a very hard lesson the day before yesterday. 24.We (study)...almost every lesson in this book so far. free next Sunday morning, Tan ? - No. My brother and I...(visit) our grandmother. 26.I (never/see)...such a big fire before. 27.Diana (meet)...Simon for dinner last ngight. 28.Tell him (bring)...his bike inside.If he (leave) there,someone (steal) 29.The plane (stop) a small town. It then (take) immediately after refueling. 30.My father...(want) a new car now. 31.I (read)...that novel by Hemingway several times before. 32."Nam (be) hospital." - "Yes, I know" - I (visit)...him tomorrow. 33.Tom never (be) Hanoi. 34.What you (do)...yesterday? 35.If you want to get more (inform)...,please contact Mr.Phong. 36.We (rehearse)...a play at the moment.

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I)Put the correct form of the verbs

1. I realised that someone(steal) wallet when I (feel)....his hand in my jacket pocket

2 When....I (phone.....Helen last night she (wash)...her hair and she (not-finish).....when i finally (get) her house

3.Peter (offer) another drink but I decided I (drink)...enough

4. Nobody (wacth)....,so the little boy (take)....the packet of sweets form the shelf and (put) in his pocket

5.I(not-realise)....that I (leave) my umbrella on the bus until it (start) rain

6.At school I (dislike).......the math teacher beacause he (always-pick)....on me

7. Wherever Marion (find).....a job, there was someone who (know).....that she (go) prison

8.It was only much later I (find out)......that during all the time I (write) my penfriend, my mother(open)...and reading the replies

9.I(not-drive).........very fast when the accident (happen).....

10.When Tom's mother (cook).....dinner, the bell(ring)

11.What you (do) this time last night

12.Fiona (live) New York when her first novel (publish).....

13. While the teacher (explain)......the sum on the board. The children (throw).....paper aeroplanes around the class.

14.Yesterday it was hot in the because the window (close).......

15.Sandra (get)........up,(say)....goodbye and (leave)......

16. That was the first time I (read)....the book.

17.Susan (teach) the university for ten years by 1995

18.The train (leave)..........when I arrived at the station

19.When I arrived at the meeting, the first speaker(just,finish)......speaking and the audience (clap).....

20. By the time Ben arrived,I (finish) homework

21.Why you (interrupt) just now?I (have)..... a very interesting conversation with Mr Pitt.

22. I (not,see).... the film lastnight because I (see) several times before.

23. Last night,she (spend).....hours on the homework but she couldn't do it although the teacher(explain) very carefully in the class

24.By the time you (got)....her letter, she (arrive) Paris

25.When I (find) purse, someone (take)..... the money out of it

26.When he .....(go) to see them last night, they....(play) cards. They.....(say) they........(play) since six o'clock

27. Before you ......(mention) him, I ever.......(hear) of that author

28. While you.....(play) the piano, I......(write) a letter.

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