Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words/phrases in the box.There are two extra words which you do not need to use
adoring     donate       elaborate     celebrity      confess     encourage     haunted    legendary      maintain
1.many young people dream of becoming a(n) _______one day
2. The old castle outside the village is believed to be_____.
3.Mary's __________husband bought her a daimond ring for their wedding anniversary.
4.I must ______that I never thought your idea could actually work.
5.Edwin Booth's performance in Hamlet is______.
6.They've decided to______ money to various charities.
7. My parents have always _____ me in whatever i wanted to do.

Sinh Viên NEU
7 tháng 12 2023 lúc 3:46

1 celebrity

2 haunted

3 legendary

4 confess

5 adoring

6 donate

7 encourage

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