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Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

2. How old are you? (What ...?)

3 What do you do? (job)

4 Where do you live? (What ...?)

5 Where does Tom live? (What ...?)

6 How far is it from your house to school? (What ...?)

7 Her new school is bigger than her old school. (Her old ....)

8 This is a lovely home. (What ...!)

9 These houses are very modern. (What...!)

10 That armchair is very comfortable. (What ...!)

11 Those are very convenient kitchens. (What ..!)

12 The weather is awful. (What ...!)

13 This bathroom is very amazing. (What...!)

14 That is a very comfortable house. (How...!)

15 He runs very fast. (How ...!)

16 She is a very beautiful girl. (How ..!)

17 These boys are very handsome. (How ..!)

18 This dress is very expensive. (What ...!)

19 How many rooms are there in his house? (have)

20 She teaches history. (She is ...)

21 No room in the house is smaller than this room.This room ...

22 That apartment is more modern than any apartments. That ...

23 She is the best student in my class. She is ..

24 He is the worst student in his class. No one ...

25 She is the best student in her class. Nobody ...

26 This living room is the biggest room in my house. No rooms...

27 That room is the newest in our school. No room ...

28 No apartment here is more expensive than that apartment. That apartment ...

29 What time is it ? (What ...?)

30 It is four fifteen. (It ...)

31 What subject do you like best? (What ...?)

32 The subject I like best is English. (My ...)

33 I like math. (I am ...)

34 The break lasts fifteen minutes. (I have ...)

35 How long are its shelves? (What ...?)

36 How wide is this table? (What ...?)

37 How tall are you? (What ...?)

38 How high are the walls? (What ...?)

39 How deep is the well? (What ...?)

40 How heavy is the bone? (What ...?)

41 His interest is English. (He is ...)

42 They take part in outdoor activities. (participate)

43 He takes care of sick children. (look after)

44 They take part in playing marbles. (join in)

45 Let's go to the zoo. (How about ...?)

46 Let's go swimming. (What about...?)

47 Let's play chess tonight. (Why...?)

48 Why don't you listen to music? (Let's ...)

49 Would you like to go to the cinema with me tonight? (How about..?)

50 How about going by car? (Let's ...)

51 I prefer watching TV. (like better)

52 I would rather stay at home. (prefer)

53 He collects stamps. (He is ...)

54 My house is the oldest house on the street. (No houses ...)

55 Collecting comics is easy. (It's ...)

56 It's difficult for me to learn English. (difficulty)

57 I find math difficult. (It's ..)

58 I am going to buy a new school bag tomorrow. (I intend)

59 We have fewer vacations than American students.(American..)

60 Mr. Tuan has less time than Mr. John. (Mr. John...)

61 Hoa has more periods than Lan. (Lan ..)

62 Hoa has more time than Lan. (Lan ...)

63 Hoa works more hours than Lan. (Lan...)

64 The theater is farther than the museum. (The museum ...)

65 The zoo is not far from my house. (My house ...)

66 The hospital is opposite the police station. (The police ...)

67 Could you tell me the way to the supermarket? (show)

68 How much is an envelope? (price)

69 How much are the books? (What ...?)

70 How much is this dress? (cost)

71 How much are these shoes? (How much ...)

72 It takes me about five minutes to go to school by bike.(spend)

73 It often takes him two hours to do his homework. (He)

74 She spends one hour with her housework. (It ..)

75 Where will she mail her letter? (send)

76 They usually walk to school. (foot)

77 He usually rides to school. (bike)

78 Mr. Hung sometimes travels to work by plane. (fly)

79 They never go to school late. (They are ...)

80 Do you have a better refrigerator than this? (Is this...?)

81 Listening to music at home is more interesting than going to the concert. (I prefer ...)

82 Nam I taller than Bac. Bac is taller than Trung. (Of the three, Nam ...)

83 We like listening to music more than playing chess. (prefer)

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IV. Read:

Transport in London is expensive. The fare depends on the length of the journey; you can not buy or book tickets in advance. Children under sixteen pay half, and those under five travel free.

You usually buy bus tickets from the conductor, but some buses you pay the driver. Most London buses are double-deckers. On the underground railway (or tube) you buy your ticket from the machine or ticket office, and give it up at the end of the journey. Not all trains from one platform go to the same place, so watch the signs. The last train leaves at 1.15 p.m.

1. The fare depends on the…………………………of the journey.

A. way B. distance C. time

2. Children under five don’t have to…………………when they use public transport.

A. give B. pay C. buy

3. You should buy bus tickets from the…………………but on some buses you pay the driver.

A. machine B. driver C.conductor

4. On the underground railway (or tube) you buy your ticket……….the machine or ticket office.

A. from B. in C. on

5. Not all trains from one………………go to the same place, so watch the signs.

A. station B. platform C. railway

Supply the correct form of verb. (1pts)

1. He ________ (wait) for quite some time.

2. Tomorrow at this time I __________ (dance) at a party.

3. Next week at this time I ________ (sunbathe) at the beach.

4. At 5 o'clock tomorrow you _________ (help) your brother.

5. This evening at 8 o'clock, she _________ (watch) a movie with her friends.

6. Nicole ________ (have) a hard time for a long time

7. We ________ (smile), and they ___________ (cry) 3 days ogo.

8. Rebecca _________ (clean) the house, and John _______ (wash) the dishes now.

9. Tonight they ________ (talk), _______ (dance) and _________ (have) a good time when we ( come) _____________

10. It ________ (rain) tonight.

11. Tomorrow we __________- (rest) and _______- (have) fun.

12. Tonight at 10 o'clock she _________ (come) home.

13. The day after tomorrow he _________ (move) his apartment.

14. At this time tomorrow, I ________ (sleep) deeply.

15. You _________ (work) very hard to get that deal.

16.By 2020, people in Viet Nam ________(spend) a lot of money on heating

16.Solar enery (use) ________to solve the problem of energy shortage in the future

17.Solar power (provide)________freely by the sun

18.He always (travel) _______________ to work by motorbike.

19.Many people (attend) _________________ the meeting tomorrow night.

20.She (be) ______________ here since Christmas.

21.When we (come) _____________ to the party last night, many people (dance) _______________.

22.The sea (cover) ______________ most of the world’s surface.

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