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Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

1.A koala (spend) __________________ about 18-20 hours sleeping in tree forks.
2.It’s only my first week in Wales, and I (see) ___________________ so many interesting things already.
3.The number of kiwis in this area (decrease) ___________________ quickly.
4.The Aborigines (live) ________________ in Australia for more than 40,000 years.
5.Most European citizens (not have) _________________ to apply for a visa to visit Canada.
6.At the moment, thousands of people (gather) _________________ in Trafalgar Square, London.
7.The kangaroo (become) __________________ a symbol of Australia since 1773.
8The bald eagle, an American symbol, (not live) ____________________ in any other places besides North America.
9.I think Mr. Viet (not be) ___________________ to Northern Ireland yet.
10.The Taylors (not stay) _____________________ in New York now. They moved to San Francisco last month.
11.Canada (be) __________________ made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories.
12.Australia (have) ____________________ a wide range of different landscapes.
13.Annually, the National Eisteddfod festival of Wales (take) ____________________ place at the start of August.
14.The statue of Liberty (welcome) ___________________ over 12 million immigrants entering the USA through New York Harbor since 1900.
15.Each of the 50 states (adopt) ___________________ an official state flower so far.
16.Since 1965, the maple tree with the leaves (become) __________________ the most well-known Canadian symbol.
17.At present, the National Cherry Blossom Festival (occur) _________________ in Washington, D.C.
18.Maori (be) ___________________ recognized as an official language of New Zealand since the Maori language Act of 1978.
19.In Canada, New Year’s Day ____________________ a long tradition of celebration. (have)
20.First names ___________________ used more frequently in Australia than in other countries. (be)
21.Recently, many places in New Zealand ___________________ called with two names. (be)
22.Maoria people __________________ the hongi- touching noses – to greet people they ________________ safe and familiar with. (use – feel)
23.Since its beginning more than a century ago, the slouch hat _________________ one of the most distinctive items of Australian clothing. (become)
24.For over 130 years, Akubra hats ____________________ its legendary stories in Australia. (make)
25.Ireland ___________________ the Eurovision Song contest seven times .(win)
26. In Canada you should maintain eye contact while you________hands.(shake)

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Ex 4: Word form
4._________elements have been found in both ground and underground water sources . (pollute)
5. Fish and many other animals are killed by_________in their habitats . (pollute)
6. Astronomers are concerned about light pollution because thay have______in viewing activities in the sky and outer space. ( difficult)
7. _____habitats have been destroyed in recent years . (nature)
8. A number of cleaning products contain _______chemical. (harm)
9. Water samples collected at these villages were seriously_______with bacteria. ( contaminate)
10.People believe that the_______water has brought cancer to the local resident . (pollute)
11. Light pollution makes us _________to see the stars in the sky.(able)
12. Noise is considered as__________pollution.(environment)
13. The_______of lake, rivers, oceans or underwater causes water pollution .( cotaminate)
14. The street dosen't look_____because it has a lot of rubbish .(attract)
15. Are all types of pollution_____to the health of human and animals. (harm)
16.The_____are concerned about the oil spills in the East Sea. (environment)
17. Dumping _____ waste into the lakes and rives has caused serious water pollution. ( industry)
18. Many people in this area have cholera because they drink_____water.(treat)
19. Examples of primary _______are exhaust fumes from cars, soot from smoke. (pollute)
20. If we use water____, more people will have fresh water.(care)
21. The polluted water resuilts in the_______of many aquaticanimals and plants. (die)
22. Both French and English are ______languages in Canada. ( office)
23. NSW is the ______of New South Wales , the most populous state in Australia. (abbreviate)
24. Do you know that the telephone , the televison , and penicillin are Scottish____? (invent)

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I. Put these sentences into the passive voice

  1. They will translate this book into Vietnamese.
  2. No one could do anything to put the fire out.
  3. Where do people speak English?
  4. They used to drink beer for breakfast in England years ago.
  5. Should they help Jane with the sewing?
  6. The mechanic is repairing Judy’s car.
  7. They make these artificial flowers of silk
  8. Did they feed Lulu last night?
  9. He has spelt this word wrongly.
  10. Nick will bring the pizzas to our house.
  11. They are going to steal your money if you’re not careful.
  12. Has anyone ever asked you for your opinion?
  13. How do people learn languages?
  14. Where will your company send you next year?
  15. Who looked after the children when you were away?

II. Put the following sentences into the opposite voice (actice or passive)

    1. The medals were presented by Nelson Mandela.
    2. You shouldn’t expect your friends to help you.
    3. Bananas are exported to Europe.
    4. They have discovered oil at the North Pole.
    5. Someone stole all our money and passports.
    6. A new hospital is being built in my neighborhood.
    7. Fortunately, the machinery wasn’t damaged by the accident.
    8. The traditional “ao dai” used to be worn by most Vietnamese women.
    9. Something must be done before it’s too late.
    10. I was paid a lot of money to do the job.


I. Put the following sentences into reported speech.

  1. “Are you going to visit your aunt tomorrow?” asked Tom
  2. “Listen to me and don’t make a noise,” said the teacher to his students.
  3. “I’m tired of eating fish” said Mary to Helen.
  4. “There are still so many difficulties ahead. Let’s double our efforts,” the President said.
  5. “If I were you, I would take the course,” Jane told me.
  6. “I’m sorry I’m late,” she said. “The bus broke down.”
  7. “Come in and look around. There’s no obligation to buy,” said the shopkeeper.
  8. “Have you already reviewed all your lessons?” she said to me.
  9. “Can you speak more slowly? I can’t understand,” he said to me.
  10. “How much do you think it will cost?” he asked.
  11. “I have no idea. I just go along to see what will happen,” the boy said.
  12. “Why didn’t you come to my party last night, Betty?” Tom said.
  13. “Would you mind turing the music down?” Andrew said to Anne.
  14. “There isn’t much rain in the south of the country,” said Harry.
  15. “Which way is the post office?” the tourist asked.
  16. “Is this your father’s car?” the policeman asked Sandra.
  17. “I don’t know where Archie is” said Vicky.
  18. “ I can’t go to school today because I’m ill,” said Mike.
  19. “Will we read the story?” Billy asked his teacher.
  20. “Let me help you make the sandwiches,” Judy offered.
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Give the correct form of the words given to complete the sentences.
1.The ______________ of lakes, rivers, oceans or underwater CONTAMINATE
water pollution.
2. The street doesn’t look_____________ because it has a lot of rubbish.ATTRACT
3. The music club made so much noise that the__________ complained to REDIDE
its owner.
4. Are all types of pollution__________ to the health of humans and animals? HARM
5. The_____________ are concerned about the oil spills in East Sea. ENVIROMENT
6. Dumping ___________waste into the lakes and rivers has caused INDUSTRY
Serious water pollution.
7. Many people in this area have cholera because they drink _________water. TREAT
8.Examples of primary________________are exhaust fumes from cars, POLLUTE
soot from smoke and ash from volcanic eruption.
9. If we use water____________ , more people will have fresh water. CARE
10. The polluted water results in the _________of many aquatic animals DIE
And plants.
III. Combine the sentences in each pair into a new sentence that shows a cause/effect relationship. Use the words in brackets.
1.Many rivers and lakes are poisoned. Factories produce waste and pour it into rivers and lakes. (because)
2. The environment is polluted. Birds leave their habitats and plants die. (make)
3. Plastic bags are a major source of waste. We should not throw plastic bags everywhere. (so).
4. The food is contaminated. People’s health is poor. (results in)
5. Factories release fumes. The air breathe gets polluted. (due to)
IV. Combine each pair of sentences to form a conditional sentence, using “if” Type 2.
1.The factory is located near our village. There is air pollution and noise pollution.
2. The local people have to use water from the polluted river. They don’t have fresh water.
3. Trees and grasses cannot grow here. The soil is badly polluted.
4. Mr Quang works in a noisy environment. His hearing becomes worse.

Được cập nhật 22 giờ trước (10:16) 5 câu trả lời

QUESTION 1: ( 1.25 ms)

a, Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest( chọn từ có phần gạch chân được phát âm khác với các từ còn lại)

1. A. started B. played C. rained D. carried

2. A. hall B. history C. honest D. honey

5. A. chair B. check C. child D. machine

b, Choose the word that has the different stress from the others ( Chọn từ có trọng âm khác với các từ còn lại)

1. A. official B. mechanic C. reference D. convenience

2. A. prevent B. patient C. medicine D. pleasant

QUESTION 2: (6.25 ms)

Choose the best word or phrase to complete the sentence ( chọn từ hoặc cụm từ đúng nhất để hoàn thành các câu sau):

1. While studying he was financially dependent ………..his wife.

A. on B. to C. of D. from

2. Her father won’t…….her drive his car.

A. allow B.let C. leave D. permit

3. We’re moving out soon because our house is going to be knocked……

A. off B. out C. down D. away

4. The house is …….at the corner of a busy street.

A. situated B. placed C. stood D. put

5. New york is famous….. its skyscrapers.

A. of B. for C. to D. about

6. Michael didn’t get home……..6.30.

A. till B. to C. until D. A or C

7. A policeman…… his hand to stop traffic.

A. rose B. pushed C. raised D. lifted

8. She….. down and stared at the ceiling.

A.lay B. lie C. laid D. lain

9. Helen is the ……of the two sisters

A.more kinder B. kindest C. kinder D. most kindest

10. She hardly ever went there,……..?

A. didn’t she B. did she C. did not she D. does she

11. You will become ill………you stop working so hard.

A. until B. when C. unless D. if

12. She wondered…… her father looked like now, after so many years away.

A. how B. where C. what D. that

13. I have never……..any experience of living in the countryside.

A. had B. wished C. done D. made

14. She stays at home because she has to look……her baby.

A. up B. at C. on D. after

15. My parents saw me ………. At the railway station.

A. on B. to C. off D. of

16. I want to turn ……. the radio to hear the news. B. off C. down D. on

17. If they……. pupils, they must wear uniform.

A. are B. were C. be D. will be

18. My father said he……. me a new bike the following week.

A. buys B. would buy C. will buy D. buy

19. I wish you ….here on time.

A. will be B. was C. were D. are

20. After I………finished working, I swiched off the machine.

A. have B. had C. having D. to have

21. Did I find a wallet in the street, I ……it to the police.

A. will take B. would take C. takes D. to take

22. John had his car……..yesterday.

A. repaired B. repairing C. to repair D. repair

23. The men and the animals……are walking along the street belong to a famous circus.

A. which B. who C. that D. whom

24. She gets up early so…… her lesson.

A. as to B. that she C. she could D. to

25. We haven’t seen each other lately. We….three months ago.

A. last meet B. last met C. have last D. have last met

QUESTION III:( 2.5 ms)

Give the correct form of the word in each bracket ( Cho dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc)

1. The situation was …. . Nobody could do anything to help . (hope)

2. In Malaysia,………is free. ( educate)

3. Don't …… I really want to come to your party but I can't . (understand)

4. It’s too ……to call anyone at night.( convenience)

5. I can't follow you. What you are saying is totally ( logical)

QUESTION IV: ( 2.5 ms)

Choose A,B,C or D to complete the following passage( Chọn A, B, C hoặc D để hoàn thành các câu sau)

Television is one of man’s most….(1)…means of communication. It brings events and sounds…(2)…around the world into millions of homes. A person with a television set can sit in his house and watch the President making a..(3)..or visit a foreign country. He can see a war being…. (4)…. and watch statement try ..(5)… about peace. Through television, home viewers can see and learn about people, places, and things all over the world. TV even takes its ..(6)..out of this world. It brings them coverage of America’s astronauts as the astronauts explore outer space.

In…(7)… to all these things, television brings its viewers a steady stream of programs that are..(8)…to entertain. In fact, TV provides (9).. entertainment programs than any other kind. The programs include action-packed dramas, light comedies,…(10)…events and motion pictures.

1. A. importance B. important C. unimportance D. unimportant

2. A. from B. at C. in D. to

3. A. speak B. speaking C. speech D. spoken

4. A. fight B. find C. found D. fought

5. A. bring B. brought C. bringing D. to bring

6. A. viewers B. seers C. lookers D. watchers

7. A. add B. edit C. addition D. editor

8. A. made B. designed C. did D. built

9. A. many B. much C. more D. most

10. A. sport B. sporting C. sported D. sportier

Question V: ( 2.5 ms)

Read the passage and choose the best answer( đọc đoạn văn rồi chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất)

It is very important to have healthy teeth. Good teeth help us to chew our food. They also help us to look nice. How does a tooth go bad? The decay begins in a little crack in the enamed covering of the tooth. This happens after germs and bits of food have collected there. Then the decay slowly spreads inside the tooth. Eventually, poison goes into blood, and we may feel quite ill.

How can we keep our teeth healthy?. Firstly, we ought to visit our dentist twice a year. He can fill the small holes in our teeth before they destroy the teeth. He can examine our teeth to check that they are growing in the right way. Unfortunately, many people wait until they have toothache before they see a dentist.

Secondly, we should brush our teeth with a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day- once after breakfast and once before we go to bed. We can also use wooden toothpicks to clean between our teeth after a meal.

Thirdly, we should eat food that is good for our teeth and our body: milk, cheese, fish, brown bread, potatoes, red rice, raw vegetables and fresh fruit. Chocolate, sweets, biscuits and cakes are bad, especially when we eat them between meals. They are harmful because they stick to our teeth and cause decay.

1. Good teeth help us to ................

A. be nice B. have a goodeyesight.

C. chew our food D. be important

2. When food and germs collect in a small crack, our teeth ............

A. become hard B. begin to decay.

C. send poison into the blood. D. makes us feel quite ill.

3. A lot of people visit a dentist only when ..............

A. their teeth grow properly B. they have holes in their teeth

C. they have toothache D. they have brushed their teeth.

4. We ought to try clean our teeth ...............

A. once a day B. at least twice a day

C. between meals D. before breakfast.

5. We shouldn’t eat a lot of ...............

A. red rice B. fresh fruit

C. fish D. chocolate.

Question VI: (5.0 ms) Make sentences from the words and phases provided( Dùng từ, cụm từ gợi ý viết thành câu hoàn chỉnh )

· The Internet / develop/ increase / today.

Þ The Internet has developed increasingly today.

1. It / become / part / everyday life

2. Noone / deny/ benefits/ the Internet/ our life.

3. The/ Internet/ be/ very fast and convenient way/ get information.

4. It/ be/ cheap way / communicate/ friends and relatives/ means of E. mail or chatting.

5. You/ check weather conditions / before / camping or fishing.

6. you / can book/ tickets/ film shows , concerts, soccer matches or hotels,..

7. It/ be/ source of entertainment.

8. You/ listen to music/ watch videos / play games,…

9. The Internet / be / wonderful invention/ mordern life.

10. It / make/ world / a small village

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