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Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Ex1: students are familiar with this kind of tests because they do them regulary.

A:most B:most of C:a few D:few

2:I like staying there with my uncle and aunt's quiet and the people are friendly .

A:but B:and C:because D:so

3:When they lived in the city her father used to take her ..the zoo

A:to B:for C:from D:in

4:Ha fells sick because she ate too ...candy last night.

A: much B:many C:a lot of D:little

5:she doesn't like pork and .....does her uncle.

A:either B:so C:neither D:too

6:He was busy yesterday and ...were his brothers.

A:neither B:so C:too D:either

7:She ...the beef into thin strips .

A:made B:heated C:sliced D:cut

8:My mother didn't wash it but i ...

A:did B:didn't C:do D:does

9:He can speak english very well and ...can his sister.

A:so B:too C:either D:neither

10:Stop please that is too

A:many B:lost of C:much D:little

11:We don't attend the meeting tomorrow and .. will he

A:neither B:so C:too D:neither

12:I am glad are feeling better .

A:hear B:hearing C:to hear D:B and C

13:A balanced diet is good ...your health

A:to B:in C:for D:of

14:After you take some medicines you will fell ....

A:well B:better C:worse D:A and B

15:She left without.....goodbye

A:say B:to say C:saying D:Aand B

16:I hate carrots and i don't like peas ,......

A:so B:either C:too D:neither a person who swims underwater using special equipment

A:diver B:scientist C:cyclist D:driver

18:My father is a player.

A:skill B:skillful C:skillfully D:B and C

19:He also cycles slowly and ....

A:safe B:safety C:safely D:unsafe

20:As a child he ought ......his parents

A:to obey B:to obeying C:obey D:not to obey

21:What are your favourite hobbies?

A:favors B:likes C:pastimes D:collections

22:Somw students don't like reading book .-They prefer playing games .....reading books.

A:to B:than C:as D:more than

23:I waited for them ...they arrived

A:after B:before C:until D:to a person who watches television

A:seer B:viewer C:looker D:watcher

25:Are you free ...sunday mornings?

A:on B;for C:in D:at


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