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Dang Khoa ~xh
6 tháng 12 2023 lúc 19:51

1. They are usually fixed in a garage by mechanics.

2. They will be held in France.

3. They are usually awarded to actors.

4. I mustn't use my mobile phone without teachers' permission.

5. I were given a ball birthday cake for my birthday by my best friend last year.

6. I'll probadly be given a shirt for my next birthday.

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Sinh Viên NEU
7 tháng 12 2023 lúc 3:20

1 They are usually fixed in a garage

2 They will be held next year

3 They are usually awarded to excellent actors

4 I am not allowed to use smartphone at school

5 I was given a book for my birthday last year

6 I'll probably be given a bike for my next birthday

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