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4. Choose the correct answers to complete the passage.

The Ha Long Bay is (1) ________ in QuangNinh Province in Vietnam. The name ofthe bay is roughly translated to descending dragon in Vietnamese. The bay is a UNESCO World Heritage (2) ________ and is lined by over a 1600 limestone islands and islets.

Legend has it that, when the Vietnamese were protecting their territory (3) ________ invaders, they offered prayers to their gods who then sent dragons as the protectors ofthe place. (4) ________ the invaders were approaching via sea, the dragons spat out Jewelscreating islands that lined the bay and obstructed the ships and boats of the invaders.

Ha Long Bay is one of the (5) ________ popular tourist destinations and is visited byhundreds of thousands of tourists each year. You can opt for a (6) ________ cruise, that willtake you as close to a lot of these islets.

1. a. visited b. located c. followed d. discovered

2. a. Nature b. Sight c. Wonder d. Site

3. a. from b. with c. to d. by

4. a. What b. Where c. When d. Which

5. a. much b. many c. more d. most

6. a. train b. boat c. plane d. bus

Nguyễn Võ Nam Phương
22 tháng 3 2020 lúc 15:01

(1): located

(2): Site

(3): from

(4): When

(5): most

(6): boat

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24 tháng 3 2020 lúc 10:55


2 . SITE

3 . FROM

4 . WHEN

5 . MOST

6 . BOAT

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