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Triệu Khả Ái
Uyên Ngọc
Linh Lê
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Câu trả lời:

II. Choose the best answer to each of the following questions

Jeans have become more popular in the US _______ the 1950s

A. for          B. in          C. since            D. during

 Linh: “Who _____ this lovely cat?”

Trang: “That woman ____”

A. is owning – is                   B. does own – does

C. owns – owns                     D. owns – does

If we go to Australia, we can practice speaking English with ______ speakers

A. nation     B. national    C. native                 D. natively

I’ve never _______ very well with my brother. We’ve got completely different personalities

A. got off     B. got on       C. got away            D. got up

The concert was short; ______, the student enjoyed it very much

A. but           B. however     C. because            D. although

Which material is got from animals and is used to make clothes?

 A. Silk        B Iron                C. Cotton             D. Wax


If you go ____ doing that, you’ll end _____ in serious troubles

A. up – with     B. on – up        C. off – with     D. out – up

Which of the following sets consists of only mammals?

A. Lions, hens and human being       

B. Lions, goats and whales

C. Tigers, sheep and crocodiles

D. Birds, butterflies and frogs

She’s got beautiful eyes, ______?


A. isn’t she        B. hasn’t she      C. is she          D. has she