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Câu trả lời:

II. Supply the correct word form.


            1. I should choose this in _______preference _______ to any other. (prefer)


            2. He is unhappy because of his _____deafness________ (deaf)


            3. The government want to ______militarize______ this training center. (military)


            4. The advantage is that it leaves healthy cells _____harmless______ (harm)


            5. A laser _____vaporizes_____ the bone without touching any of the  surrounding tissue. (vapor)


            6. She was used to _____going_____ on a picnic at weekends. (go)


            7. Carbon dioxide occurs in the air in _____natural_____ form. (nature)


            8. He is always ready to give assistance to his friends. He is _____helpful___ to them. (help)


            9. This company offered a lot of _____actractive_____ jobs. (attract)


            10. The result of the test was _______satisfactory______ (satisfy)



III. Give the correct preposition.


            1. Preserving natural resources is ____of____ great importance.


            2. I’ll have some tickets available ____for____ you.


            3. Why are you working so late? Are you aware __of____ the time?


            4. The boy is afraid ___of___ the dark.


            5. Is she serious ___about____ learning to be a pilot?


            6. Smoking is harmful ___to___ your health.


            7. The child is very quick __at___ arithmetic.


            8. The weather seems perfect ___for___ a picnic.


            9. Attending all the lectures is important ___to___ us.



            10. What he said was contrary ___to____ his thought.